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Sunday, 13 November 2016


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Hitchens turned from a commie to a conservative, so now the world is following. He advocated voting labour to overturn the Cameroons and in the end it was Nigel and Brexit what did the deed.That event lead to Trump beating the liberal snowflakes and the change in the world will not stop there. I cannot wait for the summit with The Donald, Geert, Marine and Beppo chaired by our Nige.
Although I have concerns for the future I can't as yet stop smiling.

Duffers I don't watch Aussie drama shows so you are one up on me.

As for the Ashes the way our mob are playing at the moment it would hardly be a challenge - un-bloody-believable I tells ya.

The local suburban eleven could take them down.

As for Trump let it be recorded on this 13th day of November, 2016, that in my estimation I think he will turn out to be a good President in the same way Reagan was - and Reagan was just that, a good President.

And, Peter, don't forget that Hungarian thug!

"Duffers I don't watch Aussie drama shows so you are one up on me." You're a shrewd man, AussieD! And I hope, nay, I pray your shrewdness extends to Trump!

Trump may only be a "necessary" president. Who knows what he believes. He is not a conservative, a new come Republican from a long time Democrat. His final cabinet choices will be telling. Trump is a CEO and POTUS is the CEO. In large structures, the CEO lets the Executive VP do the out front work. That would most likely be VP Pence. Trump the imagined buffoon is more shrewd at deal making than most will believe. Time will tell. A contrast will quickly form between Trump the CEO and the brown shirt Democrats rioting in some cities. These rioters are useful in more ways than one.

The NY Times, or as some of us lovingly call them Pravda on the Hudson, continues to struggle with reality vs utopia. The Left is good with utopia because reality bites them on the arse too often. Walter Duranty is still out of his office.

AussieD, we catch an episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mystery when we can. These stories are done well. A cute little gun she has!

And, Whiters, according to the NRO, John Bolton might end up as Sec of State - bet not many of the pen-pushers turn out to applaud him!

David, I hope he gets the job! We need a pro America Sec of State that has America's best interest at heart and not an obstacle to American national security.

Come January 21st 2017, the NY Times will run a headline: "Trump Forces Black Family From Home". Those dim wits would do it.

I have been enjoying the wailing and grasping of teeth of the Social Justice Whiners so much that I've still got a Shaden-boner and it's been five days now! Should I see a doctor?

Timbo, only if you are having trouble blinking :)

Timbo, you could always try Chelsea (see below), I think she'd soon have you limp and limping!

Dat true!

The New York Times prints whatever sells papers. They went overboard on Trump and ignored the true state of the election and much of the country. During the GW Bush administration they employed Judith Miller who was a flack for Dick Cheney and other neocons. During the 1990's they were the leading megaphone for anyone pushing a Clinton scandal, particularly Whitewater. But there is no credibility in Fox News criticizing any other journalistic enterprise.

Nietzsche’s view that liberal democracy can't work is still probably wrong. Excessive moral idealism, if religious belief is an indicator, is on the wane across the world:

The US is slow to the trend because of our peculiar founding, but younger people are leaving religion behind:

Btw, David, you really need to add the Daily Star to your already august reading list:

That NYT column is the most shameless non-mea culpa I've seen.

"We believe we reported the election fairly, and we'll cover President Trump with the same impartiality!"

That link Bob, is quite the ... well I dunno if it's translate but in Arkansas the description goes like this, It figures ...

Sentence #4;

"But with the billionaire tycoon steaming his way towards the White House, this creepy game appears to predict that he will not see election day on November 8."

How'd that work out?


I closed my italics David. Promise!


If, as Ms Daly says, technology is making millions of low-paid jobs obsolete, why do we and the US need to import millions of low-paid workers?

Something very odd has happened - everything's italic! I'll try a close italics html

No you didn't, JK, but I've done it for you!

By Muhammad and all the Sufi Saints - Trump's a Pakistani! : -




You can save yourself a doctor's fee. Here is what your doctor would do:

Dammit TheBigHenry ...

Keep the lights dimmed we're recovering from a couple days ago down here in the Southland

Or we was.


I think everyone can find a lesson to be learned if they simply took a deep breath and paused for a few moments to ponder what transpired during our chaotic Presidential campaign.

So far, and it's only been less than a full week, one of my own lessons learned is that we all have been caught up in the blindingly (pun intended) fast argumentation made possible by the internet. It really is a virtually complete waste of time. Without serious cogitation, nobody's opinion will persuade anybody else to change their own opinion. Moreover, fast-paced argumentation devolves (very quickly) to flame warring. And flame warring is not merely a waste of time and energy. Flame warring intensifies hatreds and solidifies poorly thought out positions.

Coincidence? I don't think so:

Following Tuesday’s election, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif congratulated Trump on his “historic” victory. The Pakistani leader said that Trump’s election “is indeed the triumph of the American people and their enduring faith in the ideals of democracy, freedom, human rights and free enterprise.”

In my humble opinion, arguing for the fun of it is the pastime of choice for fans of sadomasochism. On the other hand, a little humor, even gallows humor, doesn't hurt anyone.


The internet can connect people in constructive ways too, though I fear it's getting rarer. It's not good that so few on the so-called left and right exchange ideas. The isolation leads to each group believing absurd things about the other. Humor makes life livable. David even sets aside part of every Monday to try to contribute a little, bless his cranky old heart.

Amen to that, Bob.

A cute little gun she has!

And the rest of her is pretty good as well Whiters - and the cars are in a class of their own.

Filmed here in my home city not far from where my father and his five brothers grew up.

AussieD I had a feeling you might have intimate connection to that show! The entire feeling of it is laid back classy.

Whiters there is also a series called "The Doctor Blake Mysteries" which is set in the rural city of Ballarat in the '50's - 60's. SWMBO is a keen watcher thereof.

Rat #2: The wall's actually to be a fence in places ...


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