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Sunday, 20 November 2016


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Perhaps "the Donald" could buy the rights to "Hamilton" and sack the effing lot of them. No severance pay, no benefits - just f--k off until you learn some manners. Or perhaps a whole bunch of "the Donald" supporters could buy out a session and sit there and boo for the whole show.

As for Benedict Crumblecrotch he, like many in the yarts, is a self opinionated tosser.

Do not write off the Clintons' yet they still have Chelsea who I understand is at this very moment being groomed to achieve greatness. Apparently the word is she is just as psychotic, mendacious and greedy as her parents.

The very best epitaph I have seen to HRC belongs to the redoubtable Ms Anna Raccoon:

Hillary Clinton packed her bags and said goodbye to the caucas

Off she went with a Trumpity Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!


Never write off the Clintons as they are Leftists. The left never quits, never dies. In Western Civilization Leftism is an ever present tumor. It exists to destroy.

The popular "Hamilton" cast just embarrassed themselves with their trashy no class behavior. A room full of steel workers and farmers have better adult manners than these emotionally stunted "actors".

This is what these child actors fear: "The Donald fired off another twitter blast this morning. The Broadway show’s leftist poseurs virtue signaled by verbally attacking an audience member — Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Poor little poseurs. Now Trump is sending a signal. While he’s president lefty moral preening and posturing will be mocked and attacked." Stay tuned.

Nurse Jessop was truly "unsinkable".

Little Chelsea was raised by Arkansas State Troopers. They guarded the Governor's mansion, and took care of the baby, in shifts. Not her paternal grandmother, who was too busy at the race tracks, dog and horse, not her parents, no, the Troopers. Children who are raised that way very often develop attachment disorder, which all too frequently, in adulthood, becomes sociopathy.

Little Rock is not a big place. As in Austin, (Much larger) people know things. Word gets around. Everyone knew about Hillary and Vince, about Bill and the Five Thousand. Every lawyer in the ArkLaTex (My home country) knew that the way to bribe the Governor was through meaningless business thrown to the Rose Law Firm, the sort of stuff that a paralegal handled in a half-hour, and the lawyer billed several days' worth of "lawyering". Hillary was the 'rainmaker' and the rainmaker gets a partner's share of any profits from the business she draws in. This goes back all those decades. Whether the trail of corpses in her wake is really significant, I could not say. That she was the bag man for Clinton Crime, Inc. is generally believed to be true, so much so, that no one ever really questions that. Rather, the Clinton defenders change the subject, call the questioner names, (including raaaacist, sexist.) make other unrelated counter accusations. There are more detailed accusations against the Clintons that may or may not be true. We can't know, because the matter has always been kept out of the courts. Neither one has ever been convicted, because neither one has ever gone to trial.

Now comes the disturbing part: The President elect appears to be shying away from appointing a Special Prosecutor. Maybe this is a head fake, to avoid the O-guy granting a pardon before he leaves office. Or, perhaps, the Donald is so thoroughly mired in the glitz aspect of the whole thing that he does not have a very clear grasp of what we Deplorables know. We did know that we were getting second best, if that. We just thank G-d that we did not get the worst.

Now that Clinton hating won't be the source of revenue it once was, some players are already looking for a new one. Peter Schweizer, author of 'Clinton Cash', is already on the job:

"The provocative author who wrote a book alleging corruption between the Clintons and their philanthropy now says he sees similar conflicts of interest between Donald Trump and his business now that he's President-elect."

Um, David?

Ye Olde Archivist has jotted down a note to hisself which, will Always be close to hand:

"Positively my last words on the Clintons:"

& Michael, it wasn't begun at Governor Time it went earlier - remember Bill began to enjoy influence as Arkansas' Attorney General. And bear in mind if, as I fully expect, Jeff Sessions to be confirmed - that orange pantsuit is the more likelier to be finally measured and fitted. But really, I personally am satisfied with the prospect of David's never feeling the need to Indian-Give, "Positively my last words."

Lastly Bob, I watched yesterday morning The Smerconish Show which featured that nice Mister Schweizer - I fully expect (and appreciate) that the fellow seems to promise equal opportunity ... if you get what I mean ...

Do you think Italy would even notice a crack up?

Probably not, being, I guess a 'cash only' economy, but their banking system will teeter to the edge of collapse.

"If only Bill had poll tested his affair with Monica before he pole tested her."
When Bill "pole tested" Monica, he was impaling the morals of a minor [pun definitely intended].

A fine-looking woman, that Violet Jessop, additional to her other qualities.

Surprised some of the other regulars didn't notice that.


Well we simply couldn't is about all I'd say. Nurses of that era were of another world altogether than they is now

Thanks for that, JK, Anna Raccoon could do with a nurse of that calibre.

JK, I do understand about Bill as AG, I just did not want to complicate something further, that makes our cousins' eyes glaze over, as it is. Bobby is sure hanging in here. The Catholics have a term, Invincible Ignorance, but they already designated that to describe something else. I meet people like him from time to time, although, working in home nursing, it's not as frequent as it would be in hospital. I did lose a home case after one day, because one the the patient's two mommies saw a Republican sticker on my car, put there by a previous owner, actually.

Such a tolerant crowd.

Michael Adams,

Actually, they are a tolerant crowd, so long as you don't disagree with them.

TBH, I should have claimed to be 'married' to another guy.

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