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Sunday, 27 November 2016


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Words, words words. The Left always takes control of the language as well as the institutions. They will even make "improper" use of proper language a crime. Literally. Thus illegal immigrant has become "undocumented immigrant". When the Right adopts the Lefts misuse of language, we are arguing their ideas with their words instead of proper words. That is the road to cultural Marxism.

David if you could manage to hose down Ms. Daley with a respectable brand of bubbly, she might notice your kind offer?

it's a waste of words to even mention that arguing about the semantics of politics is a waste of words. Politics wouldn't be politics without propaganda, and Trump and Farage both proved that identity politics is not only alive and well but able to succeed where all else fails.

Read Krauthammer's article, Bob, and you will understand that 'identity politics' is what the Dems played for but Trump concentrated on 'Americans'. In doing so he picked up considerably more support from ethnic minorities than any expected.

Heilige Scheiße! Mutti Merkel has some nerve! She is Germany's chief national security threat at the moment.

Barring some unexpected tectonic shift the British Isles (try explaining that to an American) will remain a part of Europe.
The EU, now that is a different matter.

Exactly so, 'Doonie'!


Krauthammer disingenuously avoids Trump's blatant appeals to white grievance. Democrats took ethnic and gender appeals largely for granted and lost because of economic grievances.

But "blatant appeals" people with grievances is exactly what electoral politics is about. The trick is to choose the right ones. The Dems went specifically for their usual congregation, Trump spread it wide and made it inclusive. He won, you lost!

Ughhh! Lefty dog vomit. It's over here too. Goes to the old saying "there can be no evil on the Left". Only the right can be evil.


In the days preceding the general my brother-in-law (he prefers the hypen so, my bro-in-law is African-American to get the particulars outta the way) Anyway me and bro-in-law had a wager going as to which way North Carolina would go. Bro-in-law enjoys A LOT of personal experience with that state, I have none except that I stayed on several occasions during a 1980s era romance at a Asheville Holiday Inn.

Bro-in-law was smugly assured (to the tune of a thousand US) that NC was "safely Democrat" while my opinion to the same tune, was "Oh, I think with the fuss going on in Charlotte, the electorate is likely to 'flip' toward Law & Order."

I'd defer to Whitewall of course but, at least pending a more complete analysis of NC's recent electoral history, I go with what Krauthammer (at least presumptively) concludes.

David, I agree with your last reply except that I didn't lose; HRC did. Not everyone identifies with a candidate or thinks either "side" represents them. Apparently you agree identity politics are always in play.

JK, I'm not exactly sure what your point is. If it's that HRC alienated blacks back in the 1990's, I agree. She also alienated nearly everyone by giving high-dollar speeches on Wall St. right before declaring as a candidate. Good riddance to the Clintons and, I hope, "third way" politics. Trying to appeal to everyone appeals to no one.

Well Bob,

Law & Order appeals to pretty much everyone across the ages.

Not so much for riots, rioting, mobs destroying other people's property, causing people financial anxiety [reason for the many synonyms is, I heard tell of *groups* explaining helpfully that what they were engaged in, was not rioting]" and having same broadcast live has a tendency to change the people's - not so engaged - opinions, feelings, political affiliations. Especially in close proximity to an upcoming election.


No one likes riots or pointless destruction of property, but "Law & Order" issues also include: The right to assembly and other Constitutional rights, mental patients and criminals and terrorists buying guns, privatized prisons, militarized and criminal police, abortion, drug laws, eminent domain, white collar crime, political self-dealing (about which you'll be hearing a lot), and so on.

a British gentleman

Nah - never in a squillion years. Squirting bubbly at the head of a young lady who can do nothing about it is not the act of a gentleman but an ill-mannered bovver boy. Stoppage of pay and privileges is the least he should get.

On the other hand she could have given him a good solid belt around the ears for "assaulting" her for that is what he did.

Knighthood? Nah. Make him a Lord as it means f--k all after that woman Shakrabati was given one.

"No one likes riots or pointless destruction of property"

Rather obviously, there are a lot of people who do like the above!

The Graun article chimes nicely with the Nolan chart, and highlights an good old observation about extreme left and right politics..

In the Graun article the recurrent comment that Castro was both nationalist and socialist is another corroboration for the theory that the politics of the extreme left and right effectively joins up and becomes indistinguishable. "Castro was a national socialist" screams the article in adoration - the extreme left in a harmony of agreement with the extreme right.

So, in the Nolan chart - here it is again for your delectation ...

If you head to the pointy bit at the bottom, "Authoritarianism", co-ordinate (5, 0). That's the diametric opposite of "Libertarianism", so it's "booooo, hisss" from me at least. And then just head back a bit to the left and right, so you have say (4.9, 0.1) and (5.1, 0.1). There you have communism and national socialism respectively, only .2 away from each other!

The fawning adulation of the Graun article for communism was unable to disguise the same for national socialism - and now we see graphically exactly why!



There are probably a few that think it's fun, at least for a while, but I'd venture most riot because they have grievances and see no other way to draw attention to them or are just so angry they don't give a damn. Getting shot with rubber bullets or a water cannon or being beaten by police and so on would be an odd form of enjoyment. It takes all kinds, though. Some find being obtusely glib satisfying.

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