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Sunday, 06 November 2016


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Did the Earth move for you? No, but we set the time back an hour last night which is almost as good. I love it when scientists get together for a meeting of the minds, well maybe a meeting of who is a scientist free to commit science-and just who is a scientist on a government grant. Dodging bread rolls is just for starters! Wait until a heresy is spoken and the offending party has his name and reputation soiled on Farce Book and Twitter, his employment put in jeopardy and his maternal parentage questioned.

I found when working in Further Education that diagnoses of "autism" were far more common in middle class families where parents were desperate to get their kids extra time in exams, or didn't want the stigma of a child who was stupid or uncooperative.

But my favourite is this one:

"Oppositional defiant disorder", or "odd" for short! I couldn't believe it at first, but psychologists actually have medicalised the condition of being a little shit!

Whyaxye, or worse yet, medicalised the condition of being a boy.

Cartoon of the year. Might make a come back in a country near you. V

Roll on Wednesday. That will be the "national take a bath day". Things may be decided for a bit, but settled? Like hell.

Over here we've been monetizing everything for the past 35 years or so. Politics is no exception. Media outlets, best to worst, get even fatter, dumber, and happier every four years.

So the genders are getting mixed even in Shakespeare. Hmmm.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers and equal number of sisters, or brothers who identify as sisters or vice versa, and we happy other kin and non-binary.

Different play but I couldn't resist.

Now, Dom, if you could only transpose that sentence into iambic pentameter you would be the absolute darling of theatre!


The PC-police response would, "Hey wait a minute, little shits are people too!"

Apropos the interminable Presidential election campaign, the start of the Christmas holiday shopping season is regressing here in America toward just after July 4th! Not too long ago, the so-called "Black Friday" shopping-sale mayhem was the day after November's Thanksgiving Thursday. Now, we begin seeing Christmas commercials before Halloween. Pretty soon it will be "Only 365 shopping days until Christmas" on December 26!

David, you good folk "overthere" must have a very special breed of receptive trees that the rest of us don't have?

Our saplings, Whiters, bend to our every need, er, so I am reliably informed!

And actually, Whiters, Mr. Worrall lives in Australia and he provides a strict warning on conditions 'down under there':

"Where I live, on the southern edge of the Australian tropics, the first thing you do after a walk through the woods, assuming you’ve avoided an encounter with poisonous snakes, crocodiles, dangerous packs of wild dogs, stinging trees, angry kangaroos (seriously!), wild pigs, or in swampy areas like my cousin’s famous “shortcut”, black blood-sucking leeches, is to make sure you haven’t been infested by neurotoxic paralysis ticks."

We must wait for AussieD to wake up and inform us of, er, tree-hugging 'down under there'!

Oh! AussieD got some 'splainin' to do I'll bet.

Well, you know what sailors are like!

Perhaps, I misquoted Churchill the other day and what sailors really like is 'rum, bum and barky'!

(Oh, very witty, Wilde!)

If you fuck a tree of the same sex, does that make you a gay ecosexual? I'm just asking for a friend.


She's off the hook ...

Well, bugger me.

Hillary for prez it is then. She'll ignore Blighty completely, no FTA, nada. We need to stay in the EEA, or else it's a wrecking ball to the economy.


She's off this count for now. Other investigations are ongoing. Those "erased" emails are somewhere in foreign hands or the NSAs hands. Then there is the Clinton "Foundation".

'morning all. Stand fast and face aft while the colours are raised.

Having got the morning's formalities over. All those things described by Mr Worral are in Andra's neck of the woods - we don't have crocodiles down south but as a substitute we do have the Great White Shark.

I always thought there was more to this tree hugging nonsense than just a fondness for large wooden things. No matter how hard I try I cannot recall one single instance of the reporting of consensual [or non-consensual] sex between man and tree in this wide brown land. Though having seen photographs of some of the feral females who frequent anti-logging protests I can imagine it would be a bit like f--king a tree as they seem to have about as much animation about them as your average tree.

As a purely uncalled for comment Ms Jackson looks a bit like our stringy bark eucalypts and that should put anyone of screwing a tree. As for some sheila playing King Lear I have oft made my feelings known about what should be done to them what buggers around with the works of the Bard.

I too am worried about Anna Raccoon. I have become addicted to reading her blog and hope she comes back with good news.

'HEAR, HEAR', Miss Red!

Ref the conspiracy cartoon, I found this interesting comment somewhere, which might change any "hard" Brexiteer's fawning adulation of May: -

"In the days when Catholics were not allowed to eat meat on Friday, unless there was no choice, there was the following joke: A man walks into restaurant and asks for Whale. He is told they don't sell whale. He then asks for Shark and is again told they don't sell it. He than says, "Give me steak and chips then. The good lord knows I asked for fish".
As I watch May, I am far from convinced that she wants Brexit, and that just like our restaurant patron, she is doing everything she can to make it look like she was trying to follow God's word (the electorate). If she really wanted to get on with this, she would have scheduled the debate by now. But the longer she waits, the worse the news gets about the consequences of Brexit and the more likely that people who voted Brexit will say, "I know I voted for Brexit, but this is not what I voted for".
So when the time comes and Parliament says "Yes. You can trigger A.50 on the proviso that the UK gets to approve the terms of our departure", she will say, "Sorry but the good lord knows I asked for fish (Translation: I didn't want this, but it was forced upon me)
And come the second referendum, there will be a lot of people saying, "I know I voted to leave last time, but nobody told me that I was voting to lose 3.6 million jobs" and Farage and UKIP will get the blame, while Bojo and Gove will be telling you what a great institution the EU really is.
There will of course be a UKIP backlash, but it will be against them, and the hardcore will disappear back from whence they came (BNP, NF etc).
I think we underestimate May at our peril. Don't forget that this woman was Home Sec for six years in a job that is probably the most prone to banana skins of any cabinet position."

Wasn't sure whether to put it in the jokes section, or the rumble!


David or SoD,

I defer to your knowledge here. From what the news outlets say the Scots and remainers can't block Brexit unless given an opening with the introduction of a new law pertaining to Article 50. Since the Tories are secure against the dilapidated Labour party, what's to stop a group of them from "taking one for the team" and providing the opening?

Btw, Clinton will not ignore the UK. In fact the Clintons have been unusually active there in Ireland, probably to the displeasure of the English on this site.

OMG, Brexit has even stolen half the triangles from the UK's Toblerone choc bars ...

... And then, Brexiteer style, they lie and say it's nothing to do with Brexit - even thought it's just been confirmed the triangle theft is only on UK destined products, is due to the rising cost of ingredients, which is due to the devaluing pound, which is due to Brexit.

And they have the Brexiteer audacity and / or mathematical ineptness (£365 million saving on leaving the EU, anyone?) to say it's to keep the prices down - even though it's obvious you have to buy two Toblerones today to equal the one you bought yesterday which means (for the help of Brexiteers) the price has doubled.

Another "beyond parody" reality from the Brexit world.


Ok, I was quite cheerful ref everything, including Brexit. And when I read the first half of this, I was ecstatic ...

So I get freedom of movement in Europe! Wow, brill! As Blighty becomes a hellhole, I've got my exit visa.

Then I read the second half. The response of the Brexiteers. Ordering me to stay in the Albion Gulag, outraged that a foreign state might offer freedom of movement to Brits. What's wrong, afraid you might lose all the metro-wankers who pay for the cunt-bumpers to grow food we could buy cheaper from elsewhere, or loll about on benefits?

Naming and shaming Fluffbun and threatening to chuck her out was bad enough, but locking me in is the final straw.

No jokes, no lightness, just bitter hatred now. Relentless.


SoD, you may continue to spew your hatred for your own country onto these distinguished columns if it makes you feel better but will you please restrain your constant use of four-letter words. Occasional, very occasional, use is OK, we're all grown-ups here, but constant repetition is boring!


The Current Bun has picked up on it too ...

Note the Current Bun refers to the move by Brussels as "divisive", while at the same time referring to those fellow Brits who would use it as "Jet-setting Euro luvvies": "It was devised to allow jet-setting Euro luvvies who work across borders to continue to travel unhindered." Stunning hypocrisy.

This is only heading in one direction. There'll be blood soon. Metros vs the country-bumpkins. It isn't going to end well. So be it. Bring it on, in fact.

And notice what a pathetic xenophobe and thicko it has made May look. Her proudly held playing card: refusing to confirm the status of EU immigrants currently in the UK until the status of Brit ex-pats in the EU is confirmed, has been shown to be worthless! The EU has said "We don't give monkeys what you do with EU citizens, we're going to give the ex-pat Brits citizenship of the EU, and any other Brit who wants it." Now May is under pressure to grant the EU immigrants in the UK rights to stay, having gained nothing except appearing to be a xenophobe, or else look even more of a xenophobe, while having to placate the Brexiteers and their Albion Gulag mentality who demand she challenges the EU's kind offer.

I once described May and the Brexiteers vs the EU pols and negotiators like conscripts going into action against seasoned SS veterans. May and co haven't even left the landing craft and they've been mown down, like the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan.


Oh yeees, it will be soooo funny if the EU refuses entry to any Brits who don't have an EU associate passport, or at least makes them queue at security. All the Remainers going on holiday can wave their EU associate passports gleefully at the Brexiteers as they breeze past them - or mock the ones who swallowed their pride and took out associate citizen ship.

Maybe that's why Farage was seen lurking around the German embassy in London recently, trying to jump the queue to get his EU associate passport! Hehehe, I'm laughing again.


Oi!!! I think you were talking about my friend Max Green, who is the face of autism at present. Max does behave in ways that would seem strange but also endearing - I believe he suffers from something, and I would describe that as autism. I think you are mixing up autism with AHDH which is, I believe, also known as 'lack of discipline'. I'm afraid that when you remove respect for teachers, when you don't allow them free and inventive rein on what they can say to a child, they are regulated to the bottom of the pile. Instead of respecting them for a repository of knowledge, the most precious commodity in the world, they become a more boring and slower channel than the internet. So children learn that they are the most important creatures in the world and don't need to listen to anyone. Then we throw them into the adult world and seem surprised when they can't cope with rules of the office or even office politics.

Did you see "Wolf Hall"? I found the conversations so fascinating, being a convoluted dance in which one must tell the truth, protect oneself, belittle one's enemies (but not noticeably, in case they are the favourite of the king the next day) and still be interesting and useful. If I had Cromwell's skill, I'd be up to dealing with office politics....

Well, Miss Mayfly, I suspect that "lack of discipline" is an important factor.

No, I didn't watch 'Wolf Hall', alas, I found it boring.

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