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Saturday, 19 November 2016


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The twonk may consider himself too important to go and collect the Nobel prize, but I bet he's not too important to turn down the money that goes with it. Could never understand what all the fuss was about, with his whiny little voice.

I trust, Penseivat, you are referring to Mr. Dylan the, er, Shakespeare of song-writing and not to Mr. Krugman, the sage of, er, well, something or other!

Figure this your audience David might, given you've got Goofy's yammering highlighted, get a kick outta this;

Krugman's hysterical and insane rantings are one of the reasons I concluded, in the wake of 9/11, that the Democrat Party had become an insane asylum.

Here's a list of about 110 prominent Republicans in the "never Trump" movement as of the end of April.

They must all be secret members of the Democrat party machine, right David?

Bob, let's see where they are in 12 months time.

Well, one of them, Mitt Romney, has just enjoyed a very pleasant meeting with 'The Donald' - quelle courage!


Do read that link I've left above. Please.

It was written by a Never Trumper, if that would help.


I agree with the conclusion of the article. I could also name about a half-dozen other things the Democrats were clueless about, the most important of which was probably the economies in the manufacturing states. But that has nothing to do with Trump's relationship to the Republican party, which will be interesting to watch develop.

Well Bob, you remember what it was Trump said at the beginning of his remarks to the audience at the Al Smith dinner?

"Thank you Al. Wow. That was good. Mm. This is a helluva dinner. Well I want to thank Your Eminence. This is really great to be with you again. Beloved Governor Cuomo, our great senators. Hi Chuck. He used to love me when I was a Democrat you know."

"And a special hello to all of you in this room who have known and loved me for many, many years."

"The politicians. They’ve had me to their homes, they’ve introduced me to their children, I’ve become their best friends in many instances. They’ve asked for my endorsement and they always wanted my money. And even called me really a dear, dear friend. But then suddenly, decided when I ran for president as a Republican, that I’ve always been a no-good, rotten, disgusting scoundrel."

But yeah I'd agree Bob, it should be interesting to watch the guy's budding relationship as a Republican.

Krugman is such an excitable boy. All of his awards and degrees that cover his office walls seem to light up and laugh at him these days. When he goes on tangents, he probably runs through the corridors of the Times on his all fours without wearing his pants.

If, for no other reason, the win by "the Donald" is wonderful just to see all the lefty talking heads and so called "elites" exploding at the thought that Americans actually used a democratic [not as in the party] system to choose someone they wanted to run the country.

Give the man a go. The path the US was on was a downward spiral boding ill for Americans and a wider world.

If he f--ks up he can always be voted out - it is called democracy.

I for one hope he is as good, if not better, than Reagan. Perhaps there may be another Reagan/Thatcher partnership with Trump/St.Theresa.

Professional politicians are bloody hopeless. Down here our [alleged] Prime Minister had to ring the golfer Greg Norman to get "the Donald's" phone number after the win was announced. FFS you'd have thought the "alleged conservative" idiot would have had someone on his staff get the number "just in case". Not as if the Presidential election sort of just popped up out of nowhere.

From his name Krugman is probably Ashkenazi Jewish but has apparently ignored the fact that "the Donald's" son in law is Jewish and his daughter converted to Judaism to marry. Probably indicates he is not anti-semitic.

Rant over.

Shalom TBH

Good comparison there AussieD as, Reagan was a Democrat before he was a Republican. Which, I'm guessing you likely knew.

G'day JK. Yes I did know Reagan had been a Democrat - read an interesting and long article on him several years ago.

G'day, AD. Yeah, Krugman is definitely an Ashkenazi Jew (like me), whose paternal grandparents emigrated from Belarus. Economists that I know personally have told me he actually deserved his Nobel in Economics (it's about money, isn't it?). But his insane political views are also typical of Ashkenazi Jews in America (which is painful for me to acknowledge).

Even our God could not comprehend such insanity, which is why he told Moses they are "stiff-necked" people. Of course, Moses understood that God was using a euphemism for "political stupid fucks".



G'day JK,

In the RAN we honour HMAS Perth and USS Houston to this day. There have been three RAN ships named HMAS Perth. The first was that sunk in the Sunda Strait with Houston. The other two were/are

HMAS Perth (D 38), the lead ship of the Perth-class guided missile destroyers. Built as an American Charles F. Adams-class destroyer derivative for the RAN and commissioned in 1965, the ship served until decommissioning in 1999.

HMAS Perth (FFH 157), an Anzac-class frigate commissioned in 2006 and still active.

Some armchair admirals have criticized Waller [the Captain of Perth] for going straight into battle. Having studied the naval campaign at length he did the right thing and attacked. Perth and Houston were on a hiding to nothing against a numerically superior enemy. They were going to die anyway but took a lot of little yellow people with them.

They did no more than I would expect of the RAN and USN. Turned their bows to the enemy and attacked.

I have shed a tear sailing over the site. The fuckers who desicrated the war graves need to be buried to their necks at the low water mark and let the incoming tide do its duty.

We also lost HMAS Yarra in a similar way. If you are interested see

I know it is Wikipedia but it is correct and succinct - unless of course you want a longer account in which case you could look at

The navies of the Anglosphere share a common ideology even if the USN speaks a different naval language. Long may it be so.

TBH I don't know what sort of Jew I am. Some years ago my wife and I signed up to the DNA project to determine our ancestry. Much to everyone's surprise my DNA is Norse - a bloody Viking I am albeit a Jewish one. G-D works in mysterious ways. Not sure how you would say oy vey in Norwegian.

G'day AD,

That's interesting about your Norse DNA (presumably your y-DNA). My own y-DNA traces back to y-DNA for 93% of Irish men today!

I can only assume that at some point in time (probably during a pogrom against an Ashkenazi shtetl) some Irish dude, my patrilineal ancestor, had his way with one of my Ashkenazi Jewish female ancestors. The resulting offspring, her son, who was Jewish because his mother was Jewish, then became my Ashkenazi patrilineal progenitor.

Best, O'Henry

I keeps tellin' ya, Henry, ya can't rust those Paddies after six pints of Guinness!

I don't know what that means, David, unless you meant to write "trust" not "rust".

In any case, I have always had a thing for red-headed girls with blue eyes and freckles, like my wife, Trish, one of whose grandmothers was Irish. Maybe my y-DNA is the reason.

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