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Thursday, 03 November 2016


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Duffers I perfectly understand you deferring to Andra. Aussie women are great but unforgiving of being relegated to anything below the top rung of "influence".

Quite so, AussieD, but also, to be honest, she's more attractive than you!


Even by your standards, JK, that is more than somewhat obscure. Can you provide a few more clues?

she's more attractive than you!

That would not be hard mate. Salt water and wind over many years do not make for good skin care - though it does give you that rugged [or was it buggered?] look.

it comes from CBS Las Vegas

Just goes to show (no pun) not everything stays in Vegas.

Now I wonder just 'WHY' I'm having so much trouble getting a comment to stick???

Probably the latter, AussieD, if Churchill was right about the preferences of most matelots - "Rum, bum and 'baccy'!"

JK, it's probably because the Cubs finally won!

Good grief, JK, 'the plot sickens'!

I may David, have had a comment directed to your Spambox. If you'd retrieve and read same you'll see your "Can you provide a few more clues?" wasn't actually necessary.

The lady I mention above, Susan McDougal you'll note got a "wee wee wee'est late hour of Clinton's Presidency, a pardon. Along with this guy. Marc Rich:

You couldn't make this stuff up!

I just found your earlier comments in the 'junk box', JK. No point in publishing them now but in future just ping me an e-mail if something fails to go through.


I just noticed the wiki-page (above) got a recent edit ... 20 OCT 16 ... that'd be "Just After" your most recent look at the same page? You see the interesting changes I do?

Away from my desk otherwise I'd log into a personal email account and do an Interro 6. JDL


I noticed the 20:35 change on 20 October 2016.

A couple things come to mind, must be a reason for the change, especially since the accelerated current pay-to-play and other FBI investigations. Plus the current FOIA request releases.

By George and all the Saints - the High Court has upheld the right of parliament to veto Brexit ...

... Next stop the Supreme Court.

Royal Prerogative Schw-rogative.


And here's the sweetest irony ...

If the Brexiteers fail to stop parliament's right to vote on Brexit at the Supreme Court, they might, repeat might, be able to appeal it to the ... drum roll, wait for it, wait for it ... the European Court of Justice! : -

"It is unclear whether the Government can appeal the case to the European Court of Justice." - see above Telegraph link.

Hahaha, the Brexiteers look to the ECJ to assert their rights - in particular, the right to leave the EU!

Please let that happen, just for the laughs.

That, of course, added to the even sweeter irony that the super-duper democracy and rule of law that they were trying to escape the EU to get to, just gave them the right royal middle finger!

JK, I assert: today I'm off the Prozac! (Albeit the Supreme Court might make it short lived).


"JK, I assert: today I'm off the Prozac!"

No (slight pause - eyes toward heavens) shit

Bob didn't respond. Can anyone check the rest of the list and see if he's on it?

That request Dom, (for the anyone's got the time to check) ought probably be routed via the North Pole, c/o Santa's Workshop, Department of Elves.

Nothing can bother me today, even while suffering the effects of an immoderate amount of Prosecco. I have lived to see the Chicago Cubs win the world series for the first time in 108 years. And they're only the 6th team to come back from three losses. Yeah, nobody in the UK or Oz cares.

All you fer'ners need to understand something about American talk radio: It is the croaks and grunts of political fever swamps, and as Wikipedia puts it "not to be confused with radio news". The idea is to attract attention and sell advertising time by saying the most outrageous stuff. Heidi Harris is a talk radio "shock jock" repeating old Clinton conspiracy crap for fun and profit:

I'm going back to bed.

Let's hear it for the Cubs - ra-ra-ra, er and all that sort of thing. Pleasant dreams, Bob!

No mention made of the 4 strong State Troopers assigned to Hilary's protection team when Bill was governor, who were all apparently posted to distant parts of the State when she announced her pregnancy. Then, within 24 hours of Chelsea's birth, 2 died in circumstances not yet resolved. Probably just a series of coincidences.

"Rum, bum and 'baccy'!"

Duffers it was a sad day when they did away with the lash.

SoD if what passes for your Parliament goes to court to set aside the Brexit vote you either get another Civil War or become a Third World Caliphate and see how your City Metrosexual Remainers like them apples.

"City Metrosexual"...I gotta'borrow that!


I'm figuring you likely missed "the picture show" I presented to Bob shortly before his comments went all Slobber for Hilliary!

So without further adieu (can the Arkianese spell or what!) meet Webster Hubbell ... he of the distinctly slobbery looking.

Coincidences? You do know Slick Willy spent his formative (politically) youth in Hot Springs Arkansas? *Rented a room* from a lady of "some certain notoriety" (former line-of-workwise speaking ...) And what's that do do with anything?

JK, I agree Bubba is an asshat, but probably for different reasons. Since I don't think Hillary is evil incarnate do I really have to be slobbery? C'mon, please don't say I do. And have you heard about Trump's relationship with mobster Robert LiButti:

Let's give this "surrounded by death" thing a little thought. I'd guess there are readers here around 70 and in a similar situation as mine. I started counting the people close to the Ms. and I that passed away over the last 40 years, including three by suicide. There have been at least 30 I can remember. I promise we didn't kill any of them, or even order a hit.

Btw, I didn't work directly for NASA but for a sub-contractor that specialized in electronics. Thing is, the same guidance and test technology that can get men to the moon can get other types of rockets around.

Waayyylll Bob, I reckon slobbery may, might be, a wee little bit over the top so, ... well, hows about blubbery?

And yeah I reckon "surrounded" is probably abit loaded too. I myself had a gutwrench back when me an' a couple [two + me] guys I started first grade with were talking about our fellow beginning classmates when we realized we were the only three left and ... well we didn't "off our competition" neither so.

Odd there Bob, between my first two periods covered by DD-214s I did a short stint with General Dynamics. Quite briefly I'd have to admit.

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