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Monday, 21 November 2016


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Good ones to put a smile on my face this bright and beautiful day.
A bogan, according to wiki, is a chav, ned. We yanks don't have a similar term, that I know of. Other than thug, but that seems too harsh. Maybe my fellow 'muricans know a term.

A goat huh? At least it wasn't a monkey...

"Bogan" in present day use might be a "deplorable irredeemable" based on the wiki def I just saw.

"Flatlander" missred.

I can only surmise the roosters 'round Whitewall woke too early 'n he rolled over and went back to sleep. (But that explanation'd be hard for me as, I saw on TV Oklahoma playing [our] football in West Virginia an' I'd figured as that neck of the woods has snow North Carolina chickens'd be like our'n, "Honey, be a good chick will ye, roll another stick into the far?"

Please don't think me ungrateful, JK, but a translation would be useful!

At yer pleasure David.

Whitewall's brain-conjurin' was cold-startin' as mebbe the all was gummy else he'd a'called whas difrunt from reg'lar folks (hillbillys) asides we'uns wakes with the chickens of which species only the roosters crow. An' ordinarily I'd gone with "chunk a stick on the far" but I wrong-reckoned you'd know that a far is what keeps hillbillys warm and as chickens gots wings 'stead of arms an' hands 'bout all a chicken could do - A'm speaking metaphorical here David - would be to roll one.

Hope that heps.

I'm deeply grateful, JK, and to paraphrase dear Oscar, 'the only that separates us is our common language'!

Is a deplorable irredeemable different from an irredeemable deplorable? Either way, I my fashion sense is far superior to a bogan, chav, or ned.

missred, that goes as a given!

JK, the roosters around here are hoarse from the wildfire smoke blowing this way. They have taken to parading around the barnyard with a big sign saying " cough". In North Carolina, hens can read. Therefore most of us overslept since the roosters are quiet and have not yet mastered email and skype.

I guess in NC it's the rooster who came first ...

Henry, that's the way they'll tell it!


Someone who is uncultured or unsophisticated, even if they have a bit of money. Generally a bit of a put down. It’s the equivalent of a UK ‘chav’ or possibly a US ‘redneck’.

Thanks Andra!

You're very welcome, Whiters.

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