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Monday, 07 November 2016


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All that sweating activity had me convinced the woman was "hoovering".

I gotta tell ya, David, that "AH" joke was mighty long for such a slight payoff.

What can I do, Henry, it's so very difficult to find little elves these days?!

Picky, picky, picky!

Loved them. Something to look forward to on Mondays.

I guess you're right, Andra. You get what you pay for ...


So Moses goes up the mountain to chat with God. God tells him, "I got a Commandment for you." Moses, of course, cautiously asks, "How much is it?" God tells him, "It's free of charge." Naturally, Moses replies, "I'll take ten."

BTW, Robert, is "hoovering" the British term for a "hummer"?

I probably ought not but ...

Once upon a time ... y'all of course recognizing ol' JK wasn't surely the subject of "the humming" do y'all not, at least the one of you who ...


Now where was I? Oh yeah.

No TheBigHenry not the same, Hoovering is using a vacuum cleaner.

A "Hummer" (but not the GM™ variety) is when [a] girlfriend takes a testicle [or two] and places aft of her gums but forward of her tonsils and then proceeds to vocally produce vibrations over some range of musical scale for some period of time, Radar Love I'm so informed [supposedly] completes timely.

JK - too much information.

When still working, I and about five other blokes watched as a car driven by a woman with three other women with her, attempted to park in a supermarket parking slot/space for at least five -six minutes before I stopped laughing and guided her in. The best bit was simply that there were two spaces clear on either side of the chosen slot.

S'funny, but when I told my daughter, she didn't find it funny at all! Some just have no sense of fun at all!

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