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Monday, 05 December 2016


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The latest band greatest kit ain't much better ...

"By thine vehicular parades, shall we know thee".

And get the commentator at the rehearsal parade who said "That was planned. Yes it was planned, honest. We were just preparing for the eventually of having to recover an armoured vehicle."

Somewhere in the originals of Orwell's work the above is crossed out with a note saying "Simply too implausible, no-one would believe a tyranny would lie that naively and expect people to believe it."


A fitting "shove off" to the island's richest Communist. I hope to see many more.

Maybe they siphoned off too much petrol for the cremation.

The three of you will be sent immediately for re-education!

Uncle Mort, your observation had me falling about with laughter!

They appear to have surrounded the old boy with a canopy of bullet-proof glass. What are they still worried about?

Were the dictator's ashes in a tinpot?

I hope this isn't along the lines of the old jokes about Italian tanks having one forward gear and six reverse. Or was it the French we used to say that about?

Given the state of Britain's armed forces these days, we'd be better advised to keep very quiet.

Back in the day I used to take ship recognition tests. It was generally believed that French warships had more guns at the back.

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