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Tuesday, 13 December 2016


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It is sickening when old men contemplate sending young men to slaughter because the old men can't think of anything useful to do with their useless lives.

"It is sickening when old men contemplate sending young men to slaughter because the old men can't think of anything useful to do with their useless lives"


And Dear Old Donald looks like he might cancel all or bits of the F-35, maybe the VTOL version: -


And, Mr Tusa said, it would leave the UK without a plane to put on its new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers: "This is the only plane with vertical landing".

Liz Quintana, air power expert at the Royal United Services Institute agreed that if America decided to cancel the programme, it would leave Britain and other European allies who have placed orders "a bit stuck".

She said there was no alternative so-called fifth generation stealth fighter available anywhere else, or even on the drawing board.


So we'd have those billion zillion quid aircraft carriers with no VTOL aircraft to take off and land on them! I'll laugh my cock off if that happens.


Thanx for the ack, Thomas. I'm an old guy, but I was young once.

And just to remind you, coz you're getting forgetful in your dotage, you voted to be under the sole authority of these feckless imbeciles.

Whereas, under the joint stewardship of both the home grown and EU pol-morons, nothing was do-able - thank God - aside from a few straightened cucumbers and a fox-hunting ban, because neither pol-moron crew would let the other do anything of consequence.

So we had 43 years of near endless Liberty and prosperity, an end to conflict in Europe - even in the Balkans - and long-legged, pert-breasted, high-cheekboned, inky-blinky darlinkies serving lattes.

And you just voted us out of that.


Here are the three factoids that sum up the armed forces of Blighty: air, sea, and land: -

All type 45 destroyers were in dock in Portsmouth this summer due to failed engine design, I counted them when I visited the museums with Fluffbun. One of them eventually staggered out to escort that Rooskie carrier that wasn't looking too clever itself through the channel, how we laughed at the clapped out old Svoiet rust bucket. Then a few days later the type 45's engine packed up and it had to be towed back in to dock: -

Even the Swiss have got more tanks than Blighty: -

And we might not have any aircraft to put on the new carriers if Ronald McDonald cancels the F-35.

That's HMG's public sector for you. NHS, Social Services, State Education, all the exact effing same. None of this the fault of the EU, all home grown.

Time to start thinking about yourself as an individual now these pol-morons have got you to themselves. No wonder the Brexiteer psychos want to prevent the EU offering us "EU Associate Citizenship", they want to "take back control" - and that means bringing you the Army, Navy, RAF, NHS, Social Services, State Education type negligent chaos to all the other aspects of your life.


Oh Lord, sorry, must be getting forgetful in my dotage too, it's all not a problem, how silly of me, because ...


So that's alright then!


Correct me if I'm wrong, SoD, and I know I can rely on you for that, but haven't we been ruled from Brussels/Berlin for the last 40-odd years into which we have paid £zillions which could have been spent on our armed forces?

Screw the damn F-35 (and Lockheed along with it) ... if we simply MUST HAVE the newest gee-whiz flying machines, go with the PAK-FA T-50!

Trump is right.

From 2014:


& I speak coincidentally, as the father-in-law of the "surfaces coatings division" Program Manager for the damn thing.

"Something must be done"...the word is Adjourn.


The PAK-FA T-50 is Russia's counterpart to America's F-22, which latter is judged to be superior in stealth.

Even if our wonderful politicians had somehow managed to retain all that money, instead of surrendering it to the EU, it is a sound bet that they would have blown it on some cosmetic vote winning scam or other and that our armed forces would still have been cut to the bone.

I actually agree with Lawrence on this. Our current crop of politicians are crap! One thing he perhaps could have added is that our forces are so low in number that we have been reduced to token sabre rattling only. Apparently, a whopping 600 men have been sent to Estonia, and recently, a whole 30 (or so)were sent to reinforce them. That I'll have Putin trembling in his boots! Just to put those numbers in perspective, didn't the peewee British Expeditionary Force in 1939 comprise a mere 250,000 men or so?

One thing Lawrence consistently fails to point out is that although our 'pols' are crap, at least they are accountable crap. They are accountable to the great British people, who are themselves magnificently and consistently wrong 90% of the time - but I digress. What he should ask himself though is what happens when these political nonentities cease to become accountable to the people. A very quick look at twentieth century history shows us that that that is when all the really nasty stuff starts to happen.

We forget that at our absolute peril.

The EU-pols are more accountable to the people than the UK pols: -


Executive - President: Elected by the elected heads of state and elected EU Parliament (1/2 point)
Legislative - Parliament: Elected (1 point)
Legislative - Council of Heads of State: Elected (1 point)
Legislative - Council of Ministers: Elected (1 point)


Executive - Prime Minister: Appointed by a political party's membership and elected by only 1/650 of the population (voters in the PM's constituency) (0.5 point)
Legislative - House of Commons: Elected (1 point)
Legislative - House of Lords: Appointed (0 points)

So that's 3.5 out of 4 for the EU, or 87.5%.

And that's 1.5 out of 3 for the UK, or 50%.

Therefore the EU is more electorally democratic than the UK.


Your desperation is showing through SoD!

Fine Lawrence, an oh so clever answer based on some arbitrary points system. Who dreamt that one up - some Euro policy wonk, or was it a spotty little hack from the Guardian? Desperation indeed, as BOE points out. However, for one last time could you please explain to me why politicians from one country should have power over citizens of another without a mandate from its people to do so? By the way, much the same question is currently being asked in places such as Italy and Greece.

Because SoD believes that the people are "feckless imbeciles."

And even if we had sufficient power to do something in Syria, that something would necessarily involve cracking heads and probably an alliance with some nasty people. Those now calling for action would rage loud and long about that!

The only effective thing we could have done in Syria was to support its legitimate government - that of Assad - no matter how distasteful this might have been for all sorts of reasons. Much of the humanitarian disaster might have been avoided, and at little cost to ourselves. Unfortunately, that ship sailed long ago, and it is the Syrian people who have paid the price for our willingness to allow their country to be fought over by all and sundry.

H is of course right.

SoD, your arithmetic is a bit off.

The correct figure would be how many of those people are elected by British electors, which would bring your EU points down to quite small fractions of 1.

That is why we voted for Brexit.

There is nothing to be done with Syria, other than containment. The Arabs are busy doing what they have always done - killing people and destroying property. It just happens to be them and theirs at the moment. If they kiss and make up, they'll be free to go back to killing non-Muslims.

Syria pre-intervention, like Iraq and Libya, wasn't a nice place if you stepped out of line politically, but at least people who could (mostly) live peaceful lives. People actually holidayed there less than ten years ago.

All three countries have been turned into basket cases by our interference and (in the case of Syria) sponsorship and arming of a load of head-choppers.

Pat, spot on. They're cracking their own heads together nicely over there just now, which means they've not got the time to crack ours.

Laban, I'd love to have visited Syria, Krak de Chevaliers, et al, before the war - or after if any of it's left standing. In fact start in Rome and work clockwise round the med until you get to Casablanca, and take a couple of years over it, terrific!

Ref the head-choppers, they were "up and at 'em" without our involvement, and as agreed with Pat, better they do it over there and to each other than over here to us, even if it means the locals - and the ancient relics - catch the collateral.


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