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Friday, 30 December 2016


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I remember that "interview". Christine showed her elitist ignorant arse in front of a very capable man. The residents of elitist rarefied air are still needed as a reminder of why they are so despised. I suspect "deplorables" will be showing up in larger numbers all over the Western world. Remember, when Broomstick made that comment about "deplorables", she also said "irredeemable" as well.

Ah, yes.

Christiane Amanpour


I never had a great deal of time for m. Parris but over brexit he has revealed himself to be a dickhead of the first water

He makes perfectly reasonable observations: -

- Brexit was driven over the line by xenophobia at best, racism at worst, and everything in between. If all the xenophobes, racists, and everyone in between, were not included in the vote, then "Leave" would have lost.

- "By thine company, shall I know thee". Good advice under almost any circs. Those who aren't xenophobic, racist, or somewhere in between, should feel dirty, slightly ill-at-ease, or full-on uncomfortable with their NBF's.

- Those who live in areas of high immigration tended to vote Remain, and those who live in the white English hinterland tended to vote leave. This indicating that the problem is not to do with any of the realities of immigrants or immigration, but rather in the minds of isolated bigots unaffected by little or no experience of immigration.

What's actually wrong with any of that?


SoD, pretty condescending on your part there sport! It is precisely because of too many un assimilated immigrants and unchecked immigration that these "fill in the blank" sorts want to regain their country from clueless dhimmis who seem all to glad to hand over their nation to non British who are loyal to anything but a thousand years of British history and culture. These Remainers seem good at yield and repeat, yield and repeat. Yield until all has been yielded.

The Leave vote wants Britain to remain so for another thousand years. What's wrong with that?

"What's actually wrong with any of that?"

Because it's partial, inaccurate and hysterical - as well as insulting.

"pretty condescending on your part" and "as well as insulting"


Have the D&N, alt-right, neo-fascist Brigades, now in the ascendancy, the "new normal", taken over the mantle of the Liberal Left's "right to be offended at anything and everything"?


I don't know what is meant by "alt-right" but I certainly do know what "neo-fascist" means and if you call me that again, SoD, "there will be blood"!

Neo-fascists, alt-right, they may not be you, but they're standing right by your side. Your NBF's.

That's one of the points Matthew Parris raises in your linked article: Enoch Powell being asked if he cared about his NBF's, i.e. large unsavoury sections of his voter-base.

Btw, bloody foreigners, eh, going abroad and stealing other folks jobs? ...


For example, did you buy a poppy this year? I didn't.

Did you know that BNP gave a donation to the Royal British Legion, which they accepted? That's in spite of the fact that RBL profess to be non-political, and criticized another neo-fascist organisation for using the poppy in an advert.

Standing all around you they are. Your NBF's.


"I'm ashamed to be [fill in country of choice]" snowflakes inhabit almost every western country that wishes to hold on to its own culture and actively fights to do so. We have had them down here as well. One, an alleged entertainer, said she was going to give up the Australian part of her dual citizenship. One of our better journalists asked her for the date she was going to do so and then kept on asking. Of course she never did. A bit like the snowflakes who were going to emigrate from the US when "the Donald" won.

SoD the Poppy has fuck all to do with politics no matter who produces them or who you pay to buy one. As an ex-serviceman you should know that.

Oh dear SoD still calling us names because we do not like the appointed ones in EU ruling us with their diktats.
The (Inter)national socialists are showing their fascist ways right now because they lost a democratic vote. Roll on 2017 and see the EUSSR go down the tubes along with the Euro.

Ooooh SoD - you little tinker!

Better go to your room or he'll stop your pocket money.

And wipe your nose, tuck your shirt in, and your laces...

SoD, like so many who oppose Brexit or the election of Donald Trump, is a hysteric. Faced with hysterics it is best not to argue or shout. You should just try to inject some calm into the situation, but don't use the word DEAR!

SoD the trouble is, like your bum chum Parris, you have never yet advanced a single positive reason why we should want to stay in the EU.

Long on hysterics, insults, and general pantywaist vapours and throwing toys out of the pram but rather short on reasoned argument. You have still to address a single point that has been made here or elsewhere.

It may be that you consider us beneath your contempt like over half of your countrymen, that rather begs the question why you are still here.

You don't give a shit what we think; that's fine the feeling is mutual but you do rather lower the tone.

Happy new year by the way. Many happy Brexits.

I have advanced many reasons for remaining in the EU, and often. Seems you hone in on the rumbustious stuff and blank out the closely argued stuff. Never mind, whatever. But accusi9ng me of lowering the tone on D&N? Is that feasible?

While we're on the subject of you-know-what, one bit of news that may be a heads up, but maybe not.

I know someone rather well who works for a national furnishings company. Normally their Boxing Day and New Year sales cause turnover to more than double from Boxing Day to the middle of March. Well, not this year. The extra temp sales reps and admin staff hired for the period have just been sent home after sitting on their bums with duck all to do for the last two working days since Xmas. Sales have actually fallen from the normal rest of year averages, let alone gone to the expected double or greater. Emergency management meetings, and all. Pure fear. It's never happened before.

It could be the marketing guys cocked up in some subliminal way with their TV adverts this year.

Or maybe it's something else, something with a delayed fuse ...

Watch out for Blighty's economic stats in 3 months time. And if you feel like a short on Blighty's retail industry, hold fire for now, and I'll report back what happens in a week or two. You'll still be way ahead of the market.


"may be a heads up, but maybe not."

So, pretty useless then!

SoD. It is "Home in" not hone in. It refers to the habit of pilots, in the days before RADAR, of following the radio signal from a particular broadcast station to arrive at the city of their choice. My grandfather, who would be a hundred and thirteen now, learned to fly in 1930, and he taught me that trick.

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