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Tuesday, 20 December 2016


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Zero Hedge seems to be broken at the moment. Your outage yesterday seems to have debilitated them too. Your influence runs deep it seems?


Well you have to consider that about half of the US is in those few small islands. The rest of the US is much more sparsely populated.

Quite right, m'Lord, but still, if does your heart good to think how she is suffering!


Get over it. HillBilly is so last month. It's time to start bragging up the Insane Clown President. Why, just yesterday he heroically tweeted "radical Islamic terrorism," probably after skipping a security briefing. That's the kind of Shakespearean histrionic you admire.

It might be a bit picky to point out, but over half the US population is actually on those islands. They create the vast majority of the country's wealth and culture. Trump is what happens when it doesn't get spread around because it's been co-opted by demagogues. The people in the water can now enjoy the freedom to attempt staying afloat.

"HillBilly is so last month."
So says the guy who keeps yapping about former President Bush, lame-duck President 0bama, and upcoming President Trump, who hasn't been sworn in yet.

The vast majority of that half of the population living on "those islands", including Chicago, are the Leftist deplorables.

TBH, "deplorables?" HillBilly still haunts you too, doesn't she?

Bob, "HillBilly still haunts you ...?" Yes, as does the Holocaust.

TBH, so the two are equivalent to you?

Not quite. HRC is worse.

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