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Wednesday, 28 December 2016


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Like Brexit last summer, the "wrong sort of people" won. That is what riles the left and too many Democrats. Democrats can play a good role in the coming Trump term but the Democrat Left...a difference there...will never. They should learn from the election but won't, they should look at themselves and ask why but dare not. The left is forever trapped in a sort of mental illness and emotional feedback loop.

The Republicans aren't out of the wilderness either. With an unpopular figurehead to cause heaping of scorn upon them, some will realize they were somehow tricked into changing and revive the Whig Party to recapture the golden age of Millard Fillmore. The larger half will become the Troll Party and run on ideas like the ones in the comment above, which they will constantly and angrily disseminate on Twitter.

As always, Bob, you are an education! I had never heard of the magnificent Millard Fillmore but any man who can run for the 'Know Nothing' party gets my support!

That party was a secret group, and, when anyone asked them about it, they were instructed to reply, "I know nothing."

Ironic as it may be, they really did display a good deal of ignorance, anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant, and so on. Their positions mostly just look foolish to us, today The Left has constructed a meme in which DJT is a know nothing anti-immigrant buffoon. However, his expressed position is that we have always benefitted from immigration, but not from unrestricted and uncontrolled immigration. this sounds pretty level headed to me, and apparently to a majority or near-majority of his fellow countrymen.

Of course, Bob and his friends are not in favour of unrestricted and uncontrolled immigration. At the same time they are not in favour of stopping it. The ability to be in favour of several contradictory aims is a feature of the modern left.


You are a bad influence. That's probably what makes you so much fun. I used to know girls like that, but now I could not bear up under so much of their sort of fun.

One of your better posts David, happy I had the opportunity to drop by overseas.

Pretty sure I didn't tell you about the T'Day dinner with the girlfriend's "family" wherein she and me endured and endured as the sole two Trumpsters in the whole of zipcode 72520.

But oh what a difference the passage of a political campaign can make! And what a difference the addition of a single "family member" & fellow Trumpster to boot over a Christmas dinner!

Just my opinion but I think "the family" probably'd been better off serving the ham for the earlier holiday meal and saved the turkey for the more recent. Talk about a bunch of total "Doom & Gloomsters"!

Not that, I don't at all hesitate to add, I didn't enjoy the hell outta myself for the first time at a Christmas dinner with a bunch of people who, with a single exception, the year before I would'na been able to tell you the difference between any of 'em and Who Hit Jack.


Re Millard Fillmore; here's Bob from awhile back ... pre-President Elect:

"HRC is an extremely poor candidate and a liar (all politicians are liars). Sadly, the only alternative is a vulgar, ignorant, megalomaniacal, sexually predatory, authoritarian con man. "Voodoo" describes this election perfectly, and I'm none too keen on noisy Yahoos (in the *Jonathan Swift sense) either."

So. On the pretty good odds I ain't gonna get another opportunity to get back here before close to probably Spring I guess I better leave y'all with ... oops, I'm healthy, *mostly enjoying myself ... don't any y'all worry y'allselves over either me or whether it'll be the more accurate to say it was Obama who was responsible for pissing off the Russians.

Happy New Year You'uns!

Thank you, JK, and I'm sure I speak for all of us in wishing you well on your, er, travels. I don't quite see why you can't drop in from time to time, dammit, these days you can speak to the man in the moon. Anyway, best of luck.

you can speak to the man in the moon

I thought JK was the Man in the Moon.

37C again and the beer is cold. And we have overtaken the Pakkies in the cricket.

Time for another candle.

AussieD, that would be "moon-shine"!

By the way, don't overdo the comfortable living.

Wow ...

... For those outside the paywall: Massacre of the US public sector welfare system, replaced with VOUCHERS (yes, Maggie and Ronnie just cheered from the afterlife!), a FREE MARKET for workers to go buy their welfare, tax cuts to get up and over the LAFFER curve (another massive cheer from the afterlifers!), deregulation across the board and a FREE MARKET with high income purchasing power for all (and yet a third "hurrah")!

I mean, when did you last hear VOUCHERS, LAFFER CURVE, and FREE MARKET mentioned by anyone, let alone by a pol, and let alone all three at once, since 1980 - apart from me on D&N, of course?!

If the Donald does just half of that, he'll be my domestic hero.

And if he turns round to the world and says: "What can you do for me to stop me putting a 10% tariff on your imports?" ...

... For those outside the paywall: A 10% import tariff across the board will be the start point for his negotiations with all and sundry, apparently!

And lo and behold the rest of NATO starts spending 2% of GDP on the military, Putin backs off from Eastern Europe, and the Chinese stop state subsidizing defunct industries and dumping, all to avoid being zapped by "The Don's 10%".

Well, then he'll be my international hero too.

If he said all that protectionist, autocratic, shit just to get elected and then turns Libertarian in office, by George and all the Saints, I shall be pleased.


Well, SoD, you certainly won't get much of that from 'Junck the Drunk' and his cronies!


As I mentioned here, "The Don will take measures to grow our economy for the good of the majority of Americans, rather than waste our resources for the good of the world's tiny minority of global-warming scam artists."

And so it begins. Stay tuned.

"Well, SoD, you certainly won't get much of that from 'Junck the Drunk' and his cronies!"

Errr, the rules and regs of the single market, designed by Mrs T and adopted as a foundation of the EU, that's kept the worst excesses of HMG off our backs for 40 years? Yes, the strait jacket that's hemmed in Blighty from its self-harming socialist tendencies that got us from hero to zero 1945-75?

You'll be begging for an external force to keep HMG off your back within a few years - and you'll get one: An humiliating bail-out from the IMF and re-entry to the EU (or it's successor: A single market in Europe), just like 1975.

Unless ...

"The Don" points to Blighty and says, "To all you deviants out there in front of my 10% paywall, here's how to get back to 0%: Follow Britain's example: 2% on NATO, and a FREE MARKET domestic economy due to still being in the EEA. Now if they do VOUCHERS instead of a welfare state, and surf the LAFFER CURVE with tax cuts, and commit to stick with it through external institutions (run by me), they'll get freedom of movement, a green card for all Brits, into the bargain!"

Is it too much to ask for in my lifetime? Freedom of movement from California to the Danube? And then why not all of Westeros: Canada, Oz, NZ?


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