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Thursday, 08 December 2016


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Well, I've only heard of about 3 of them so they don't bother me in the least.

It's hard to suggest any more, because reviewing the list to check if your favourite pet hates have been omitted is quite distressing.

But where is that supernaturally nasty bastard Blair? And Ed Balls? And what about Stephen Fry? He's not dead yet! And Chuka Umunna. And Polly Toynbee. And that relentlessly stupid woman who edits the Guardian now and whose name I have forgotten. And Bob Geldof. And Little Georgie Monbiot. And that iritating statistician twat who introduces "More or Less" on Radio 4. And Sean Rafferty, whose Radio 3 teatime programme ruins excellent music by interlarding it with sickly know-nothing Oirishry and fey ignorance.

Thanks. I feel better now.

But, Andra, in the spirit of the Anglosphere, you are allowed to add the odd Aussie.

That's the spirit, 'W', and I'm glad you feel better already!

"odd Aussie"...they exist? Surely not.

Stephen Fry is a good addition there 'W'. He is frequently inside our tvs over here.

Blimey, it isn't only the sheer size of the list, but the substantial number of missing entries. If we are voting I'll nominate Stephen Fry too. Is Len McCluskey in there? Put him in twice. Oh and dog owners who allow their mutts to crap on the pavement and...

I'm in two minds about Shami Chackrabarti. I may disagree with her political posturing, but I was fortunate enough to see her from behind. Oh, that arse! Now I know why her nickname is 'shakeyabooty'.

Anybody who displays a three day stubble which is never allowed to get any longer.

"Three out of five Newsnight discussions" aren't people; they're discussions. And who the hell is Celery?

  • Leftists. Yes, all of them.

  • The Clintons. Yes, all of them.

  • The 0bamas (but not the kids).

  • The Leftist Supremes.

  • The Leftist Senators.

  • The Leftist Congress(wo)men.

  • Most Californians (present company excluded, of course).

  • Did I mention Leftists?

What asbout- Everyone under the age or 65.

Well, that's a bit extreme. After all, my wife, my sons, and my granddaughters are all under the age of 65, as well as many of our present company here.

I am amazed TBH! There are Duff commenters under 65?

Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump

Plus the Big Henry's list. I know that puts Hillary Clinton on there twice but she deserves it.

Not "Boaty McBoatface"!!! I love "Boaty McBoatface"!

You didn't mention any advert involving singing (Sainsbury's, Smyth's Toystore, which needs to be destroyed anyway for not knowing how to spell Smith' least it's not spelt with two F's.....and the "Go Compare" advert, which makes me want AI to be programmed to mute instantly on command).

John Malpass (I am YEARS under 65, thank you)


Ah, I thought you had nicked the entire IDEA from the Spectator, not his actual list! Surely, you would want Richard Dawkins on there?

A personal one for me would be Comhcinc who has been lovingly labelled by my favourite word, a complete F***tard.

David, I met Paddy Pantsdown in the London Tube sometime back. He can talk! However he seemed an amiable bloke for an ex Royal Marine. Your exhaustive list I agree with especially Shami the Sham, Abbot, Salmond and Sturgeon.

No mention of Dave Cameron and Georgie Osborne?

"By thine forgetfulness shall I know thee" - you'll be begging for those two to be back in charge before long.

Here's a tasty little quote from Dave's first post-PM speech that sums up why quite nicely: -

“The simple truth is this; if we don’t address the problem of those who are economically left behind, we open up our politics to the parties of the extreme left. And if we don’t address the concerns about the pace of cultural change, we open up our politics to the parties of the extreme right.”

Welcome to the new dark age.



I am guessing SoD is under the age of 65 (unless David is a centenarian).

Frequently, Henry, SoD appears to be under the age of ten!

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