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Monday, 26 December 2016


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This is good...

Now is the time to uproot and dissolve the UN. To steal from Diplomad, we need a UNEXIT.

That is an interesting take on the situation, Whiters, although he makes no mention of the international legal imbroglio that will flow from the UN Resolution.

The really sad thing is that the UK and NZ voted for the resolution. Obama only abstained.

Typical of the utterly wet and mostly useless F.O.

The USA should defund and evict the completely corrupted UN. Let them decamp to Saudi, Zimbabwe, Venusuela, Somalia or any other glorious socialist shithole they find acceptable. I can just see the snowflakes of hollywood like Dicaprio talking in front of the believers and coming to terms with them regarding their homosexual, feminist and religious tolerant attitude. After Brexit I would have hoped that St Theresa would have had more balls and taken up the mantle that Obama had cast aside.
Still never mind I have great hope for 2017 Happy New Year.

Also, if not for Obama, lions would peacefully lie down with lambs.

Alas, our respite from the 0bama-lover's sarcasm is over, just in time for the New Year.

JK has asked me to be “in charge” while he is away, doing some cloak-and-dagger stuff (Don't ask -- I don't know and I don't want to know, for fear he would have to shoot me if he told me!).

JK asked that I wish Bob a "Happy New Year", which I now do on his behalf.

And I join in wishing Bob a Happy New year. He is the lonely but brave voice of the Democrat Party here on D&N. There was a time when this blog was swamped with Lefties but alas, one by one they drifted off, or grew up, and so Bob is a treasured survivor.

I have a Kiwi friend [who is not Jewish] who, when he found out about the NZ support for this motion, sat down and wrote one of the most scathing letters I have ever read. He sent it off to their new Prime Minister expressing his deep disgust at the action.

I am trying to convince him to allow it on to Duffers site but I am not going to hold my breath as he says it should at least get to its intended recipient first with a chance of reply.

Personally I believe that Israel should just tell them to f--k off and withdraw from the UN. As we should down here.

A grown up approach would be to accept that lions and lambs are not going to lie down peacefully. The West should wash their hands of the whole business.

I was disappointed in NZ. Very disappointed.

Apropos the worldwide insanity of the Left:

Today's top headline on the Google News feed: "Barack Obama Says He Would Have Beaten Donald Trump". This is worthy of consideration for "top news of the day"?

That being the case, it seems likely that tomorrow's top news headline will be "Barack Obama Says His Morning Dump Was Satisfactory".

NZ is a country run by some people that wanted to change their flag. NZ has gone soft.
In any case Israel will ignore those they know that want to destroy them.

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