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Monday, 19 December 2016


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No wonder the French have perfected the shrug. They've had so much practice.

Bien sure, mon ami! (Shrugs)

She was not tried in a "normal" court but a special court for ex ministers, composed of her peers.

My understanding is that there is another separate trial coming up for the underlings. So not everything has been discovered, as quite obviously the latter would not have given their defence yet.

So yes, the special court and just 4 lines to explain the verdict explains why people might think it is a whitewash (or tan wash in this case).

Those same politicians then wonder why people vote le Pen....

oh, and it is "bien sur"

Excusez-moi, Monoi, and, er, what's the French for 'I will hand in my 50 lines by teatime'?

"a special tribunal for ministers"

Really? Really?

"The barons could only be tried by special juries of other barons, who would understand".

Remember that?

Satire is useless these days, I tell you. Useless.

Really indeed, its not new. Called Cour de Justice de la Republique.

@DD, you could say "Mes 50 lignes seront pretes pour le quatre heures".

Why 4 hours you say...because there is no tea time in France, and the closest equivalent was "le 4 heures" which was the time when kids would get biscuits.

That said, "pour l'aperitif" is probably more relevant!

"Merci beaucoup", Monoi, make mine an ice-cold dry martini, er, with Noilly Prat, naturellement!

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