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Tuesday, 13 December 2016


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Tony Todger

Tell me you're joking Duffers. A Brit who used to serve with me used the term Todger to describe his dangly bit. Still it is probably appropriate after all the idea is that of a dickhead. And what about the rates from Rotherham residents? Or don't they pay any as the sons of the prophet are too busy sexually exploiting young white females?

Rotherham - totally un-effing-believable.

AussieD, it's probably late at night 'down under there' and perhaps you dined 'not wisely but too well'! It's satire!


Well, BOE, good satire is always uncomfortably close to reality!

Duffers it is a warm night [33C] and a couple of "cold ones" have passed the lips but after reading one report into the scandal of Rotherham and its [lack of] governance last year satire may just be a bee's dick of the truth.

" good satire" is needed today more than ever. Anything that glorifies initiative is welcome. Maybe real life can mimic it someday?

It may be satire dear duffers, but by god it is close to reality!

A similar website titled full of satire.

I like the Evening Harold too.

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