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Sunday, 04 December 2016


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Spiegel article on how Trump might attack the Jerries if they don't play ball due to their vast, China-esque, current account surplus: -

Of course the Euro might not exist by the time Trump levels his bazooka at the Tiger tank, or at least the Tiger tank might be limping badly with some of the crew bailed out.

But an interesting duel to watch in 2017.


... And it's the Euro that makes the Jerries' current account surplus to great - I should have added to the above.


I am trying to make sense of the referendum vote underway today in Italy. Basically some Italians are tired of being misgoverned by a status quo "government" that has its modern origin in the aftermath of WW2. There have been almost as many governments as years since WW2. Italy seems to be frozen in place and dying. Some profit from this for as long as it lasts, kind of like Greece until recently. If the vote is "no", then the current PM will resign and another government will form but maybe this time it will be made up of some sort of populist anti bureaucratic, anti EU types. Meantime the banks are sweating bullets since little foreign investment is finding its way to Italy. Finally, the masses don't seem to know what they are being asked to vote about. This must be a take off from a long forgotten Fellini script.

Are all Greenies bonkers? Yes. Greenism is just a branch of Leftism and Leftism is "progressive" only as advancing mental illness. All this agitprop and fandango by the Left because HRC lost is in keeping with their Marxist nature. For them, losing Castro during this time was a double dose. After all, when the richest Communist in Cuba dies, well, that hurts.

The excerpt from Zero Hedge is essentially correct. The piece in 'I Hate The Media' is simplistic. There were probably black voters who didn't vote for Clinton because she's not black, but according to polling data younger and working blacks didn't like her politics or campaign any more than other Democrats. She was also connected to Bill's crime crackdown of the '90's during which she described urban blacks as "super predators" with a broad brush. Still, she got 88% of the black vote and the majority of the popular vote, so the whole premise is slanted and exaggerated.

The piece on the Greens, whose leaders' mental stability is at least suspect, is also off point.

"Hillary Clinton urged by computer scientists to challenge election results in three swing states amid rigging fears"

The Democrats, being the extremely good losers they are, didn't pursue the matter, but Jill Stein saw an opportunity to get her face on TV and raise some money.


"Greenism is just a branch of Leftism and Leftism is 'progressive' only as advancing mental illness."
I view the Left's mental illness as a chicken with its head cut off, running hither and thither, while its bleeding head is screeching for another head-count.

Henry, that's pretty good! Keep a watch on these "protesters" tribing up in North Dakota to "protest" the pipeline construction. All sorts of white SJW types taking over the thing and moving the native Indians aside. North Dakota is mercilessly cold this time of year and it makes you wonder who is paying for them to travel there and then stay.

Well done Nigel Farage - even if it wasn't intentional ...

"Mr Mahdalik singled out Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader, for contributing to the party’s defeat after he said on Fox News on Friday that Mr Hofer would hold a referendum on Austria leaving the European Union.

'That didn’t help us, it hindered us,' he said, saying that an overwhelming majority of Austrians support EU membership.

Casting his vote in his home town of Pinkafeld earlier on Sunday, Mr Hofer ruled out a referendum and said: 'I would ask Mr Farage not to interfere in Austria’s internal affairs.'"

The latest "product-improved" neo-fascism seems to have caught everyone's fancy, but even the irrepressible 45-degree arm-angled Austrians couldn't bring themselves to elect a neo-Nazi - with a little cock-up help from our Nige.

Ahhh, bless his cotton socks! All's well that ends well.


Apologies for my [ongoing for ... well I dunno exactly how long ... anyway, I like to think I'm "being helpful"] extended absence.

I noticed some fewish comments back AussieD's request for my Archival Services but, pressed for time even unto this quick 'check-in' about all I have time for is, Howdy! All is [reasonably] well so y'all don't be concerned as to my well-being.

Just know - well with perhaps the exception of Bob - rest comforted in the knowledge I'm offering my best of services and advice then at some point, as allowed, I'll zip David an email in the event a post from The Arkansas Correspondent is called for.

JK, actually I was wondering where you'd gotten to. Unless you're investigating me I hope you're well.

SoD, since the election our screens have treated us to Farage explaining how Brexit and Trump are of the same spiritual possession. The President Elect returned the favor by tweeting that Nigel should be the UK's embassador to the US. Your spoilsport PM would not play along and probably hurt chances for a trade agreement anytime soon. I hope she knows better than to be lured into a meeting with him unchaperoned.

"All's well that ends well"

Famous last words. The Italians have dumped Renzi.

Next up, an ex-clown in charge of Italy?

Nige should've had a word.


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