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Sunday, 11 December 2016


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"Populist" does not necessarily mean Conservative either. Populism can be a mass warning to the bien pensant.

About that photo, had it been one taken by Reuters, we could almost bet it was staged.

Exactly so, Whiters, 'populist' means 'popular' and as 'any fule in show business do know', it can be here today and gone tomorrow!

"Populism" is the political doctrine that supports the rights and powers of the common people against the privileged elite and is not equal to popularity. There are many things that are popular, such as indoor plumbing, that have nothing to do with populism. As an isolated thing populism is not bad, but it's often used as a tool to promote authoritarianism on both the left and right.

I would not object to her or anyone else praying for me...especially if she has an "in" with a Higher Power.

No, Bob, I would suggest that 'populism' is a sneer aimed at whichever political party is popular and is invariably deployed by the political party hat is unpopular!

“the most French of American officials” No. Damn. Kidding.

Oh do buck up, Whiters, and use a French accent - 'Non damn keeding'.

See it's easy if you try!

David, yes in deed, the joy of fishing! She didn't have a net so failing that, she could have just walked it to the bank. Good catch!

BTW, did you get the email I sent you on the proper lures and swim wear for carp fishing? The photos are "inspirational".

Oh yes indeed I did, Whiters, and I have been asking around where the nearest, er, carp fishery is to be found!

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