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Sunday, 18 December 2016


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Not sure that the Heimlich thingy can be done on oneself. I once had a red hot potato chip stuck in my throat during a business dinner. Luckily one of my colleagues knew what to do and promptly broke one of my ribs applying the technique. Got the chip out, mind you.

Good times.

I see on diplomad's growing blogroll is one for Bob.

Sorry - its on

I notice this sensitive Welsh actor is unnerved by the "revolting peasants" in Britain and America. He is coming home to become an activist against "populism", thereby reminding everybody why populism, not fascism, is on the rise.

BOE, I recognize so many people on that blog! Should I worry?

Timbo, it was surely a comfort to know you had many more unbroken ribs after the event?

Researching the "about" shows 'The American Thinker' is written by hacks with little knowledge of how interesting things are likely to get.

Sensitive actor being Michael Sheen...the link does help I know.

"'The American Thinker' is written by hacks with little knowledge"

Bit like the owner of this blog, Bob!

I had heard that the Heimlich manoeuvre had in fact been removed from general first aid, simply because if you do not perform it correctly, you can usually damage someone's spleen/ribs/abdomen in some way. If you remember to jerk backwards and then upwards in an short....well, jerky movement, you're fine. Sitting someone down and slapping them on the back is rather safer however, and hopefully will work first time around.

Oddly, it is in fact possible to perform the Heimlich on yourself, whereas slapping yourself on your back (no matter how much you practise, David) is harder.

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