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Thursday, 15 December 2016


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Well, personnel IS policy. The worst thing to happen to the West was the end of the Cold War. The struggle between nations may have subsided, but the ideological war between Marxism and freedom is still hot and heavy, only now it is being waged within Western nations. Global Leftism, despite defeats and on going evidence of its futility, marches on as if the history of the 20th Century never happened and current events in Latin America aren't even happening. Somebody needs to think up a "global philosophy" pretty soon because American philosophy of the last 8 years only amounted to groveling around the globe with their trousers down around the ankles. Time to stand up, pull 'em up and take a fresh look. Maybe start with apologizing to friends and allies for our utter fecklessness as a friend and ally.

I await a call from the Donald for my input.

David, I think you have to have a certain number of Goldman Sachs guys in your cabinet. It's in the constitution or something.

I think it's the 'Employ us our we'll call in the loan and send the boys round' amendment.

Kevin, it might be in the Bible as well.

Frankly, there is altogether too much concern over what the President will do, especially through his Cabinet, which marches according to his orders. The President's job description is very straightforward: "faithfully execute the Office of President [namely Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and CEO of the Federal Government], and preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States". That's it. The less he actually initiates the better.

0bama has been a terrible Officeholder because practically everything he initiated was a freekin' disaster. If 0bama had just stayed on his favorite golf course in Hawaii and told his Cabinet (especially his Secretaries of State) to just STFU, the world would be in a much better place today.

David, I don't want to ruin your reputation, but if it happens so be it. We agree on about 90% of what you've written in this post.

He's going to turn politics upside down and that may very well be a good thing.
Of course, he could be a total disaster but we'll just have to wait and see.

Henry, you are assuming that Trump has a worked out plan of action for his ministers to execute. You may be right but personally I wouldn't bet the deeds of my house on it! He, like his ministers, will be facing a multitude of problems the like of which they have never faced before and so far I detect no signs of a plan. Even so, one thinks back to dear, old Ronnie and so we can but hope!

Thank you, Bob, praise from you at least succeeds in making me feel uneasy! At least they are an interesting crew, more interesting than some of the boring-snoring political re-treads who normally have those roles, so it will be fascinating watching them get to work!

Sorry, Andra, our responses crossed but, as so often, you are entirely right.

Lewis Ansalem has a good bit on this matter today:

In other words, the swamp's filled up nicely again.


Andra & David, Trump is supposed to upset people and turn things upside down. Hope he does.

Jimmy, yes. Absolutely. And it's working.
Politicians all over the world are literally shitting themselves.
The people are revolting and about bloody time!!

Andra, "The people are revolting and about bloody time!!" That is a powerful statement. Next thing you know, people will all be "deplorable"!


"Henry, you are assuming that Trump has a worked out plan of action for his ministers to execute."

I am assuming nothing of the sort. I was asserting, with the Presidential Oath of Office as supporting evidence, that the President is not obliged to have "a worked out plan of action". The Constitution only obliges (and the President is required to so "solemnly swear or affirm") that he will "faithfully execute the Office of President" and "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States". That is all he is obliged to do. The business of initiating any "plan of action" is completely optional.

Any "plan of action" that any President cooks up is technically just a suggestion to the Congress for its consideration and legislation. The idea is that the President may suggest and the Congress may legislate and then if the President approves of the Congressional action/legislation, he may sign it into law.

For example, 0bama suggested the so-called 0bamacare, but it was the execrable Nancy Pelosi et al. who legislated this monstrosity, which, of course, 0bama signed into law.

Well, he must have some ideas for the future, Henry, or why did he bother to run in the first place? The very early indications, provided by the type of people he has chosen for his cabinet, seem rather good. 'The Kraut', over at NRO, is looking forward to "A Bonfire of the Agencies" and I'm sure you will be able to warm your hands on that!


Of course he has ideas for the future. What I am trying to convey here is that there is a sense of panic being expressed here that is out of proportion to the reality of the situation. The United States Government is truly unlike any other. It is much better.

What we have here, and what we all should cherish and support, is the grand concept of checks and balances. We have three Branches of Federal Government: the Legislative (the Congress); the Executive (the President); and the Judicial (the Supreme Court). Moreover, the Congress is also bi-cameral -- the Senate and the House of Representatives. Each Branch (and Congressional sub-Branch) acts as a check and balance to the other Branches (and sub-Branch).

We do not have an autocratic Presidency that can force this great nation of ours to do whatever the fuck he or she wants to do. Despite what the poseur 0bama thinks.

Well, mostly, Henry, although Obama created all those agencies with powers to circumscribe Congress - and they succeeded. It's time for a correction and we must all hope Trump provides it!


You are referring to various Presidential Directives and Executive Orders which are the prerogative of any President, including a succeeding President who has the prerogative to annul any existing Directive or Order. I think President Trump can be relied upon to annul any such card that 0bama played and which Trump doesn't agree with. In bridge, this is known as roughing or trumping your opponent's card (pun intended).

In bridge, however, the concept of "roughing" is spelled "ruffing".

I am wondering if Trump would have time to take on Australia too. I'm sick to death of all our politicians. None of 'em could run a chook raffle in a country pub.


I think Mr. Trump will have his hands full for the next four or eight years, judging by the amount of hostility he has had to contend with so far (before he has even taken the Presidential Oath of Office of the United States).

But once he has managed to put down the frothing-at-the-mouth rabid dogs of the Left here, he might take on Australia's Leftists, after he has had a chance to take a restful vacation or two from our pack of barking deplorables.

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