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Monday, 26 December 2016


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Back on top form Duffers.

All thanks to my little elves beavering away in the joke mine!

Must say I didn't expect Monday Funnies on Boxing Day. Speaks volumes for your dedication and invites hearty gratitude from your readers. (Although, having read them...)

Top form indeed! Christmas day has done wonders for David! I sense he is home alone at the moment.

Indeed I am, Whiters. 'SoD' was invited with the added attraction that I could put him right on the Brexit controversy but, amazingly, he didn't come!

Scottish window cleaner dropped a five pence piece from his pocket when up a ladder, he caught it before it hit the ground.


I thought your elves were joking away in the beaver mine?

This lot made me laugh out load! Kudos.

Apropos the "tiny fairy right on top of the Christmas Tree":

True story, I swear it (I was within earshot when it happened). My best friend, Jed, approached our high-school chemistry teacher with a test tube (after he had completed his experiment). He asked the teacher, "What should I do with this test tube?" To which the teacher replied, "Son, don't ever ask such questions."

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