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Wednesday, 18 January 2017


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Politicians are the same everywhere I guess. "I do believe politicians would be far more ready to resign office if they did not feel that their doing so would give such infinite pleasure to their adversaries"...Lord Salisbury,1889.

Excellent quote, that one, Whiters.


And not just China. How is it that in August GDP in countries that shut down for the entire month like France, Spain, Italy, Portugal goes up as it has done for many years now . Most industrial cities are deserted and the population is on the beach that is those that have yet to leave and find work in the UK !

G'day Cousins.

One day to go.

Shalom TBH

One more day of jaw dropping betrayal and treachery. The Red bastard can't get gone soon enough.

So Mr. Wang (or is it Mr. Lin?) upset some important personage, and this was the handy stick to beat him with.

Of course this sort of thing is endemic in planned economies, and for good reason; would YOU put your neck on the line for the sake of honesty when all around is what the Soviets used to call "Tukhta"?

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