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Tuesday, 03 January 2017


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Good post David. Good riddance to him. I expect he will get a large pay off to keep his mouth shut.

"McKinstry suggests looking outside the Whitehall 'mandarinate"


Top of my short list would be one "Negan" (*) accompanied by/with his good friend Lucille.

He would be instructed to spend one morning introducing himself (& Lucille) to the UK Brexit committee, explaining to them the art of negotiation.

In the afternoon he would introduce himself (& Lucille) to Michel Barnier & chums to explain just how ill considered it would be for them to contemplate obfuscation in the matter of a democratic decision of the UK peoples to leave the EU.

One day.

Job done.

(*) quite a persuasive chap is our Negan. This is his MO :

Works for me !


When I read your title I thought you were about to usher out another bit of bad rubbish. But then I looked at my calendar and saw that it wasn't January 20th yet.

Some good reading.

Especially for SoD

Shalom TBH

Shalom AD,

Thanks for that great article. Here is the "money" quote for me:

As the Dutch political scientist Cas Mudde pointed out: “populism is an illiberal democratic response to undemocratic liberalism. It criticises the exclusion of important issues from the political agenda by the elites and calls for their repoliticisation.” The result is the spread of “populist” uprisings across the advanced world in the last year—the tectonic political shifts mentioned on our cover.
That's precisely what happened in the U.S. election. Moreover, it is precisely what the (American) doctor ordered for our country.

I should have added, at the end of my preceding comment, "God bless America". Mr. Trump's victory is IMHO (OK, so it's not so humble) a modern-day miracle.

This illustrates a problem I have mentioned before. The people who are extracting us from the EU are the same people who got us into it in the first place. Mrs May should have sacked this chap as soon as she took office. Anyone wants to understand what is going on should visit YouTube and view the numerous episodes of Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister!


Interesting article.

Firstly, the tipping point that achieved 52% was xenophobia, racism, and everything in between. Without this faction in the Brexit camp, Remain would have won. The "we only want to restore sovereignty to parliament" Brexit faction alone would have lost. And therefore by the author's own definition of democracy (coming to that in a minute), the faction he claims is a majority - the "we only want to restore sovereignty to parliament" faction - is not a majority, i.e. it's less than 50%.

So his assertion that the 52% majority were all "sovereignty" leavers, and not xenophobic, racist, and all those in-between, leavers, is false.

We've covered this before in the "By thine friends, shall I know thee" debates.

Secondly, his assertion that the UK parliamentary system is more democratic than the EU. We've covered this before, when I proved that the EU was more democratic than the UK parliamentary system. The counter arguers arguments vaporized and petered out to "but the EU is not voted for by British people exclusively, therefore it's not democratic".

Thirdly, his definition of democracy. He considers democracy as merely voting, elections, referenda. The separation of powers (executive, legislative, and judicial), rule of law, and due process across the three powers are seemingly irrelevant to his definition of democracy. In his version of democracy, what the majority says goes, even if it tramples upon rule of law, due process, and the legislative and judicial powers.

That is the route that Hitler, Putin, and Mugabe took. Their faux democracies' are perfect instigations of the author's definition of democracy: The majority spoke once, and so we shall either never ask them again (Hitler), or we shall have so corrupted the separation of powers, rule of law, and due process that they shall perpetually re-elect us (Mugabe, Putin).

That sub-distinction in his definition of democracy, the Hitlerite "ask them once and never again", and Mugabe / Putinesque "corrupt the rest of system and get perpetually re-elected", matches neatly the distinction between full blown, traditional fascism, and neo-fascism and the approach and attitude towards democracy of those two isms.

In fact, just add nationalism, xenophobia, racism, and the fascist / neo-fascist renaissance is complete - with it's "product improved" democratic tick in the box included. See my firstly paragraph for more details on the incorporation of your NBFs into your movement.

Congratulations, Obersturmbanfuhrers! Projekt fertig!


"I proved that the EU was more democratic than the UK parliamentary system"

Should read: I proved to my own satisfaction, that the EU was more democratic than the UK parliamentary system

BOE, that did sort of stand out.

Indeed, BOE. Based on some arbitrary points system that showed every indication of having been invented just to prove that point. As I recall, Lawrence's arguments were shot down in flames!

Isn't it funny how those on the left always resort to ad-hominem attacks to settle an argument? Lawrence is doing precisely that here. His argument completely ignores the fact that there are easily enough fanatics on the Liberal left to cancel out the swivel eyed loons on the right. If further illustration of that is needed, I suggest he takes a look at some of the people who support Corbyn.

It's even funnier - side splitting in fact - to see how the Liberal left is now accusing those who voted in favour of leaving a centrist dictatorial unaccountable Euro super-state where Germany calls all the shots, of being Nazis. Honestly, you couldn't make it up!

Whoever wrote "That one can convince one’s opponents with printed reasons, I have not believed since the year 1764 " had obviously tried discussing Brexit with SoD.

By the way it might be opportune to invoke at this point Godwin's law? And Cuffley's corollary which is that whoever does (mention Hitler) has de facto lost the argument?

Happy Brexits everybody!

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