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Monday, 02 January 2017


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Barack Obama has always been and is a traitor to his oath of office. Unfit to serve from day one.


"Barack Obama has always been and is a traitor to his oath of office. Unfit to serve from day one."
I suspected it from day one. I firmly believed it on day two. And I have been saying it from day three.

I have been given to understand that there are some legal obstacles to a recess appointment to the Supreme Court. I hope that is correct. OR, that the people in the know have found something really bad to hold over Garland Merrick's head, so that he will not accept the appointment. Anything, no matter how bad, is possible.

He is truly a wicked man!

Henry, he has redefined his party for a generation. They were too comfortable with Obama's dictatorial style. It should cost them plenty for years to come.

I bet him and Michelle don't last out 2017 together, he will not be able to keep his dick in his shorts.
He has shafted middle America he will continue the shafting.

The only thing "Oirish" about Kerry is his assumed name!

I always failed to see what caused the "tingles" with Obama. What I heard described as Soaring Retoric always sounded like limp sugary clichés.

Now he is showing just how shallow and spiteful he is.


I must have an industrial-strength bullshit detector because I spotted 0bama's shallowness almost immediately when he first darkened our doors. He is a spiteful empty suit, a phony, a poseur, and a malevolent little prick.

The people who feel "tingly" about him, like that jerk-off Chris Matthews, are infatuated with his skin color. They are, basically, racists.

The above remark addressed to Timbo is mine. I messed up my "information".

Well hell Henry! I thought you had adopted a clever disguise:)

I thought it had your style, Henry, but sometimes I do wish you would stop beating about the bush and tell us what you really think!

Well said, TBH. And with that, I will certainly stay out of your way today!
People laughed at me when I warned them he was a socialist. Well they still laugh at me because they are socialists.

OK, OK, I get a little carried away when I think about 0bama, HRC, Batshit-Crazy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, and all the other Leftist miscreants who have infected our federal government. I'll try to temper my temper a bit so as not to exceed my welcome here at D&N.

No, no, Henry, there is no chance of that but do remember that we have the delightful Miss Red, to say nothing of that delicate Australian flower, Andra, amongst our commentariat, and even, on occasions, Miss Mayfly. Er, not that any of them strike me as being particularly delicate!

Thank you for your reassurance, David. Of course, I meant no disrespect to the gentler gender. I will try not to misbehave, as I have promised my wife on numerous occasions.

In any case, I blame it all on my Oirish y-DNA. As I once recounted in these pages, my y-DNA matches that of 95% of all Irish blokes. As the story goes: Many generations ago, some Irish dude raped an Ashkenazi Jewish girl, most likely in one of those pogroms they used to have in Eastern Europe to celebrate the New Year or just your ordinary Wednesday (named after the Norse god Woden). The male child borne by that Jewish girl was considered a Jew because, by tradition, his mother was Jewish and nobody cared whether the father was a pagan or whatever the Irish were worshiping back then. That male child was my patrilineal progenitor.

I think I'll have a shot of whiskey to calm my overtaxed emotions ... :)

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