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Friday, 13 January 2017


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Greenie? Stop well before you get to "water mellon".

If the waters are rising and if we need more "green" electricity, why can't "they" take the excess water and make electricity?

Whitewall, we could harness energy from useless political verbal diahorea. Obama is almost gone and the departing tears could have harnessed a few kilowatts! Meryll Streep could have harnessed all those luvvie actor tears during her speech.

Jimmy, President Barky Stompy Foot can't get gone soon enough or far enough.

Duffers down here some bozo came up with the notion that waves could generate electricity and so a very expensive generator was built and plonked in the sea off the West Australian coast. It is still there and is an excellent refuge for fish to hide in. Electricity generated? Nah forget about it. It will eventually rust away in about 200 years.

As for tide generated electricity well I hope the promoters of same have allowed for the variation in tidal flow as while they may ebb and flow twice in the twenty four hours they aint regular in their movements*. A simple truth anyone who has had to navigate tidal waters knows only too well.

* which reminds me of those lines from "The Highly Esteemed Goon Show" I was addicted to.

"Is this contract binding?"
"Yes. It's a real eye waterer".

Six days to go "cousins".

I dunno, Aussie D.
It seems to me that if you've got water you an make a waterfall. And if you've got a waterfall you can make electricity.
They did it in Tassie 50 years ago.
It's gotta be better than going nuclear or coal-fired.
And then you can say "He's fallen in the water!"

G'day Andra. I'm all for hydro-electricity it is just the unreliability of tidal flows that make me sceptical about such a scheme.

As for the Taswegians they have been busy shooting themselves in all their feet* due to policies which will not allow the building of more hydro plants. In fact the petals rely on a cable across Bass Strait to provide them with that dirty coal generated sparky stuff. Last year Tassie ran out of electricity to the point of needing 200 temporary diesel generators – at a start up cost of $44 million, plus operating costs of $22 million per month. Not bad for a State with a population of just 517,000.

* note to overseas readers. It is alleged that the reason Tasmania does not have a team in the Australian Football League is that they would only ever sell one family ticket. A situation leading to some interesting genetic results. Bit like Arkansas or Zomerzet :-)

Ohhh AussieD! Wait 'til the morning:)

Try to be sensible. Greenies are 65% water on average and take more energy to burn than they produce.


Water by itself is not enough to make a waterfall. You also need a fall, so that gravity moving the water can produce the work that's converted to electric power.

TBH - I know I need a waterfall. Why can't I have a waterfall? Surely I could have a sort of fan belt thingie moving the water and it could just go round and round. Perpetual motion as it were.
There must be ways to keep the water going round and round - my fish pond pump can do it - why can't "they"?
You blokes are the smart ones. Work it out!

Sorry, Andra. Even I can not violate the first law of thermodynamics -- conservation of energy.

In order to have pump-driven water for generating electric power, you would first need a power source to drive that pump. Moreover, you would need more power for the pump to generate a given amount of electric power, because there is alway some power lost to heat. A perpetual motion machine would violate energy conservation because it is not possible to avoid some amount (greater than zero) of heat loss.

Electric power that is generated via a dam ultimately utilizes, as its source of power, the natural motion of the river that is dammed.

The only free lunch available in our solar system is sunshine. Sadly, that will only be available for another couple/three billion years.

The US military has been working on alternative energy for some time:

But Bob, Greenies can be burned in two stages. The first is exothermic, so one dries them with solar power, downwind of any human habitation, of course. The second stage requires a tall smokestack, to get a good draft going, and then they'll burn right nicely, becoming useful at last.

Happily, I am no longer counted among the greenies. I have also suggested that a nation-wide chain of liposuction stations could extract excess adipose, to burned as boiler fuel. I have offered to be a volunteer. Thus could former fat slobs, now become patriotic Americans, contribute to a non-petroleum-based solution to our energy requirements. So far, no response, but at least the Secret Service did not show up on my door step, as they generally do when the President receives mail from an obvious crazy, thus proving beyond all doubt, that it is not a crazy idea. Nescafe?

Michael Adams,

The questions would include whether the costs in solar power and furnaces would be greater than the heat produced by desiccated Greenies. Keep writing letters. Perhaps you can convince the DOE to do a study.

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