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Friday, 20 January 2017


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David, that is amusing. Over here things might have gone differently, especially in South Carolina, which was the first state to secede from the Union to begin the Civil War and was one of the founding members of the racist, pro-slavery Confederacy:

It might surprise some here to know that Obama did not invent South Carolina, the Civil War or the Confederacy.

It's a real laugh, and I hope the useless idiots responsible get sacked (they shot the guy in the face for god's sake!).

As things are nowadays with leftys in charge they'll probably get promoted.

Another triumph for progressive policing, and an unwelcome American import - armed police behaving like paramilitary thugs, trained to treat the public as the enemy. Luckily the hopeless fuckwits didn't have proper weapons.

I worry about you Bob, writing as you do amongst a very erudite bunch. We know that O'bama has never invented anything. We even know that you Americans didn't invent slavery, which is more than you can say about many of your students.


Don't worry about me, thank you. I've lived long enough to be amused rather than disgusted.

Our students were some of the best in the world until ideologues decided cutting taxes for the rich, privatizing everything imaginable and destroying teachers' unions were top priorities. There are limits to my capacity for amusement.

Thanks for the joke about Sideshow Bob, which made me laugh. In case you still don't get the reference, he is pictured here singing the lead in Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera HMS Pinafore:

But bob, smashing teachers unions (which have done more than most to destry opportuniy for poor kids while pissing away tax money) privatisation ( which produces innovation and better services for all including especially the poor) and cutting taxes (which leads to investment and wealth creation, which benefit especially the poor) ARE a priority.

Bob, sorry old chap but you are a typocal lefty I cant decide from your posts whether you are stupid or just hate the poor.


Limiting yourself to only 2 choices is what we Yanks call a "false dilemma"; a basic logic error. I'm disappointed that a sophisticated commenter such as yourself would fall prey to such shoddy thinking.

"We Yanks!??"

Bob you continue to be a disgrace.

(It'll take me a couple of weeks, maybe three to get back where you're Bob, appreciating - just as you've always - having my big black, brown, and East Asian acquaintances of my lawyerly friends pay you your weekly visits.

They apologize for your and their disappointment[s].)

I'm simply the messenger Bob.


And a howdy do to you. I'm looking forward to your return. Don't take the "Old South" stuff personally, I'm just trying to give Brits and Ozzies some ideas about the history of race relations over here.

The "protesters" you mentioned that were dressed in black would probably be anarchists, though you would probably know that better than I. They tend to take advantage of any civil disobedience to be destructive. There are reportedly also some in DC.

JK - where you at?
My hemisphere?

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