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Thursday, 19 January 2017


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Yes that's "Valerie". These are some of Obama's red henchmen and women who spent 8 years weaponizing the Federal government against the American people. Now, this weaponized government is in the hands of Obama's legacy- President Donald Trump. I hope he uses it well and often with devastating effect.

You missed the bigger headline, David. Jarrett was at one time associated with slum developer Tony Rezko, but so was President Blackenstein himself! Rezko's most famous for being former Illinois governor Rod Blagovich's bag man (chief fundraiser), and was found guilty of federal corruption counts in 2008. Jarrett and Obama's involvement is murky at worst, but Rezko's been the inspiration for Republican and right wing conspiracy theories ever since.

Incidentally, Trump's father and Trump himself are famously involved in slum properties and illegal practices in New York:

What goes around comes around.

Bob, I vaguely remember the outline of the story but as it was Chicago my main thought was 'no change there then'! As for Trump I would be amazed if he had failed to indulge himself in some murky dealings but, alas, if the source is CNN then the story needs to be carefully checked.


"... there is only one suitable quote to go with that picture, one of my favourites from dear Oscar, ..."
I offer a more suitable quote from my dear departed Mom, "F*ck 'em if they can't take a joke!"

David, if The Donald says CNN is equivalent to Buzzfeed then, believe him, it must be true.

Unemployed and unemployable.

I do so love "Happy snaps". And that is one of the best.

TBH the "Service" equivalent of your Mum's quote is "If you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined". Suitably interspersed with colourful words the quality and number of which were dependent upon the length of service and linguistic ability of the CPO/PO delivering the advice.

Less than 24 hours cousins.

Shalom AD,

My Mum actually didn't use such language intensifiers. But she would smile while she reproached me for doing so.

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