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Sunday, 15 January 2017


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On the Waterfront was the 1st 'X' rated film I saw. Unfortunately, although old enough, I had gone straight from college and was lugging a satchel. The girl in the box office was very suspicious.

While I am here (about to go up the garden to feed the birds and smoke a cigar). How do you know Trump doesn't consider all the options? One reason for his success is that he keeps his opponents unsettled and uncertain.

May's only option is to plan for what is under her control to achieve for sure, and prepare the British for it, warts and all. And anything else beyong her control to achieve for sure is a bonus.

So hard Brexit on WTO basic terms should be assumed, warts and all. And anything else is a bonus.

The only bonus she's likely to get at this stage is the passporting right for the city ...

Dig deep into the consequences of WTO basic t's & c's, short, medium, and long term, and get used to them. So for example, if you work in manufacturing, steel, agriculture, and food industries, start looking for a job in another industry now. A stackload of that cheap stuff will be queuing up at Dover to come into the country on April 1st 2019 - all made abroad by the immigrants disallowed into Blighty, now earning lower wages than they were when they were in Britain and forcing the price of labour even lower than when they were in Britain.

And anything else is a bonus.


Guess I must be a cultural cretin. I managed about 40% of On the Waterfront and then went and did something productive - had a beer.

Though this afternoon I did watch The Oily Cart mob do a stirling job on The Mikado. Right through mind you.

It seems Europe is always wanting Britain's money and oh by the hushed voice...Britain's military capability.

Paul Krugman a "prat"? But, but he has degrees and credentials! He is approved and anointed by all the "proper people". He works for the NY Times!

Not anymore, Whiters, not anymore.

Bearing in mind ...

The entire fleet of type 45 destroyers is broken by design due to its British Rolls Royce engines and in near permanent dockside residence in Southampton.

The carriers have no aircraft.

The aircraft project - F-35 - for the carriers (which haven't been built yet) might be cancelled.

The army has fewer main battle tanks than Switzerland.

The army's main battle tanks sport a main gun for which there is no longer a manufacturer of its ammunition, and has to rely on existing stocks.

... how useful, exactly, are the British armed forces to the EU?

As far as I can see, the only two useful features of Blighty vis-a-vis the EU are the Intelligence Services and the City of London. Those will merely buy a small discount off the EU 70 bn divorce settlement.

And speaking of the money, as I've shown, ...

... the EU budget without Britain's contribution requires a mere 15% increase / decrease by creditor / debtor nations respectively to retain balance. That's a mere EU 2.2 bn for Germany, for example. Germany is currently running such a large budget surplus, around EU 30 bn in all, they don't know what to do with it! ...

Well now they do - imagine all the influence those extra Euros will buy in shaping the new post-Brexit EU.


SoD, that bad? Then it's down to finance. Germany will spend its "surplus" on dying at the hands of Leftists and Muslims. It is hard to run a booming economy while you are dying and so many trading "partners" are dying or nearly standing dead economically, never mind militarily. Not much of a future. Germany's future, if she has one, may ultimately be located in a post Putin Russia.

The Clinton's on the dole. Let's see if the Clintons align with the emerging Obama Marxist wing or go back to the DLC model of middle America.

The one with the black eyebrows is Stalistair Starling.

Of course, Dooners, I thought I recognised him!

The other thing about starlings is that they seem unaffected by cold.
Minus 5C, if I break the ice in their dish they are all fighting to get in there for total immersion.

You're right, I noticed that last week during the cold spell. Actually, after I had my morning cup of tea, I used the hot water from the kettle to raise the temperature a bit in the bath to stop it from refreezing. I think I'm going soft in the head but, dammit, I love those tough little birds.

Why do right wingers like the Russians so much?

"Critics assert that Zero Hedge's content is conspiratorial, anti-establishment, and economically pessimistic, and has been criticized for presenting extreme and sometimes pro-Russian views." ...

"Former Zero Hedge writer Colin Lokey said that he was pressured to frame issues in a way he felt was "disingenuous," summarizing its political stances as "Russia=good. Obama=idiot. Bashar al-Assad=benevolent leader. John Kerry=dunce. Vladimir Putin=greatest leader in the history of statecraft."

A Google News search shows the CGI story only shows up in right wing sources.

Perhaps, Bob, the 'fact' that it does NOT show up in Left-wing sites is more indicative!

"On the Waterfront" and Brando are my favorite movie and actor, respectively. Over the years I have watched them many times (I have lost count).

Here's Roger Ebert on that scene:

And look at the famous scene between Terry and his brother, Charley (Rod Steiger), in the back seat of a taxi. This is the “I coulda been a contender” scene, and it has been parodied endlessly (most memorably by Robert De Niro in “Raging Bull”). But it still has its power to make us feel Terry's pain, and even the pain of Charley, who has been forced to pull a gun on his brother. Here is Kazan on Brando:

“ ... what was extraordinary about his performance, I feel, is the contrast of the tough-guy front and the extreme delicacy and gentle cast of his behavior. What other actor, when his brother draws a pistol to force him to do something shameful, would put his hand on the gun and push it away with the gentleness of a caress? Who else could read `Oh, Charley!' in a tone of reproach that is so loving and so melancholy and suggests the terrific depth of pain?”

Yeah. Brando was the best.

Sorry to be pedantic, it's Booker not Brooker.

Indeed, David. All facts are elitist. They try to push us around and tell us what's true.

"We run a £92bn current account deficit with them (year to Q3 2016)" - John Deadwood

The EU is much bigger than the UK. So when you proportion exports of Britain to the EU compared to exports of the EU to Britain across the size of the economies, you find that we export a far greater proportion of our GDP to them - 13-15% - than they do to us - 3-4%.

"The £220 billion exports of goods and services to other EU countries were worth about 12% of the value of the British economy in 2015, and £230 billion or 13% in 2014. It’s stayed at around 13-15% over the past decade.

Exports from the rest of the EU to the UK were worth about 3-4% of the size of the remaining EU’s economy in 2014. The exact number depends on whether you use the £290 billion figure from UK data, or £360 billion from EU data. There aren’t complete figures available in the EU data for 2015." -

"The UK has lent the rest of the EU £1.4 trillion through the London banking system."

And we have earned interest on that. Being outside the single market means our savings will redirect to somewhere more risky and / or offering less interest.

"We pay around £700 million more to them each year for UK citizens to use their health services than they pay to use the NHS here."

So if the the ex-pat wrinklies all come zimmerframing back to Blighty they'll cost us £700 million more on the NHS than the EU immigrants if all were sent home.

So it's a zero sum game financially. We get to pay the £700 million either way.

So much for the argument put forward by Brexiteers that EU immigrants have put more strain on the NHS. There'll be £700 million worth more strain when the ex-pat / immigrant swap is done.

"We pay a gross budget contribution of £17.7bn or £10.8bn after rebate and payments back to the UK state."

Nice to see Deadwood is at last able to perform the netting off process! £350 million a week on the NHS, anyone?

And we covered off the UK budget contributions in the Junck Bar Bill post. The EU will hardly blink. And Blighty still won't even afford for the increase in civil service, quangos, and public sector required to deliver all the state services previously performed by the EU and shared across 28 countries out of the saving of the net contribution (let alone put any of it into the NHS).


Thanks, Mike, duly corrected and you are hereby appointed temporary, acting, assistant, deputy editor!

SoD, you should give up all that computer stuff and get a job in Brussels, they'd love you and 'Mutti Merkel' might even give you a kiss - as might 'Juck the Drunk' if he has lunched too well!

Your linky doesn't work with the Hilary story, although the reason I was looking was because someone else was commenting that nobody is covering this story.

You'd best be careful, David, evidently they are covering up all mentions of this......Also, I can't read "her excellent article". There's a paywall, dear boy - does it become free after 24 hours like food goes cheap when it gets stale?....

Sorry, Miss Mayfly, I had forgotten that some DT columns are behind a paywall. However, the solution is clear - pay up! You simply cannot get enough of Her Majesty's Daily Telegraph!

You haven't managed to sort the other link either - inquiring minds need to know!! Don't be afraid of the USA's Special forces, post the link!

Pay up? I'm having a new kitchen fitted, I won't be able to pay for my lunch for the next four years, never mind a subscription to the Daily Telegraph.

Sorry, sorry, Ma'am, I cringe, positively cringe, for my error:

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