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Sunday, 01 January 2017


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Thank you David. Happy New Year to you and all here.

I'm off to breakfast.

Happy New Year all y'all.

While our master is absent I'm taking this opportunity to have a little bitch about the English language - or what's left of it.
The ABC (our equivalent of the BBC) now happily use "gotten" which I do not believe should be a word used by anybody outside of the US of A.
NOBODY seems to know the difference between bought and brought - no matter how much I bellow at the TV.
Apparently it doesn't matter if you use sink, sunk, or sank. As long as you get the idea.
Naturally it won't get any better as the whole world now relies on twits or something similar to communicate and that's quite good enough. They understand it - I understand it (maybe) but it ain't the Queen's English as I know it.
There - I feel better now - lost that sinking feeling.
Happy whatever and have another glass of whatever. Can't hoit!

Andra, you said it good!


I'll have a little bitch of my own, please. Nobody, and I do mean nobody in America at least (present company excluded) uses "whom" instead of “who” as the object of a verb or preposition. Whenever I use it, which I do when appropriate, people look at me as if I just blew a raspberry.

Sad, isn't it?

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