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Monday, 16 January 2017


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Sometimes there are no words.

Well actually there are Duffers but they are extremely rude. Just another sign that Europe is once again becoming less safe for my lot.

Interesting how the Germans are so appalled by their own historic acts of anti-Semitism that the now refuse to do the dirty work themselves. They import people who are prepared to do it, like all the other shit jobs they no longer have the stomach for.

On the general topic of religious violence within and between the Abrahamic faiths, I have just finished reading Not in God's Name by Jonathan Sacks (the ex Chief Rabbi of the UK). It cheered me up that a man could be so humane, optimistic, and wise about this issue. Recommended to all.

As my coreligionist said, there are words, some of which are too rude to post here. Nevertheless, the following words may be spoken and written: May their names and their memories be obliterated.

'W', I absolutely and enthusiastically endorse your praise of Jonathon Sacks, a man I admire enormously.

You're behind the times....

Comments on this from the Slymepit Friday 13th January :-

"Insanity. UK and US troops will soon have to fight their way out of Germany, an unexpected route reversal."
"Yea... the Germans always had a thing for burning Jews.... so.... Now they can let the Muslims do the work for them."
"An interesting angle - a "proxycaust""

They went on to discuss the contention that the origin of the article was suspect, and may have been 'spun' to seem as though the perpetrators got off more lightly than they did.

I don't think so, Miss Mayfly, apparently they three 'perps' were given suspended sentences and the judges let it be known that in their opinion it was a demonstration against events in Palestine, or to put it another way, 'nothing to see here, move along!'

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