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Wednesday, 15 February 2017


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Truly an honor for JK land to be mentioned this way! The germ for this spirits revival may very well be the fact that Southern Baptists have begun to recognize and speak to each other in the retail liquor stores? FWIW, sometimes "stands" can include the word "leans" as well.

I heard tequila is not doing so well, though. Apparently there has been a decline in the number of Mexican customers.

One of my favourite blogs (after our esteemed host of Course) is - a fine repository of cocktail recipes as well as the occasional flash of inside leg.

It's on my FavList, Cuffers, obviously you are a man of taste and discernment!

Wine was once a favorite, but a few years ago the doctor forbid simple carbohydrates. Luckily there is rye whiskey which, like most other distilled liquors, is sugar free. Health might have something to do with the resurgent popularity of spirits, or it could be that getting drunker faster just makes good sense lately.

Btw, Claret is almost never seen here. In America the stuff gets labeled Bordeaux. Evidently the French name sells better than the allusion to upper class Britain.

I wouldn't say that 'claret' denoted any sort of class distinction 'over here'. This from the OED:

Claret Origin

Late Middle English (originally denoting a light red or yellowish wine, as distinct from a red or white): from Old French ( vin) claret and medieval Latin claratum (vinum) clarified (wine), from Latin clarus clear.

When, years ago, I was showing off trying to be wine connoisseur - yeeees, quite! - I concentrated on claret/Bordeaux simply because it was easier to work out the different estates, as compared to Burgundy which is a real tangled mix-up!

Terrific photo, JK, thanks, er, he wasn't a relative, was he?

Oh Bob ...

"Btw, Claret is almost never seen here. In America the stuff gets labeled Bordeaux."

(Postscript: Drank by the gallon[s] this stuff is guaranteed to give copious Prophecies to damn near everbody!)

That there David was Barney hisself at the age of eight!

I'd get a more recent pichur excep that Barney took to bein' downright cantankerous about getting his pichur took after that little stint in the Craighead county jail.

Perfectly understandable, JK, and please pass on my regards to a fine American businessman!

David, you would know better about the current coin of the realm, but:

"The meaning of "claret" has changed over time to refer to a dry, dark red Bordeaux. It has remained a term associated with the English upper class, and consequently appears on bottles of generic red Bordeaux in an effort to raise their status in the market."

I looked it up a while ago when you mentioned Claret.


JK, if you want a break from bourbon give this a try:

Just don't let anyone see it that might suspect you're turning into a damn Yankee. Drink a gallon and you might have a divine inspiration before someone calls an ambulance.

Rebel Yell Bob.

Ask Lawrence aka Loz akla SoD aklb Loz Round-Table-Knight of the Planet Really Ashamed of Hissef the Nest Day & Thorpoughly Blemished Here & Even Unto the Hereunafter.

Not that he remembers much. Except most likely ... the Rebel Yelling.

Puts it down to Brexit I'm imagining myself though. Leastwise that's what he keeps telling hisself. And most unfortunately, ussuns.

Cain't blame him overly I'm reckoning. Corn tends to do that to the innards of Englishers. Sainsbury's hardly anymore tends to supply the fibrous.


Rebel Yell is at my local liquor emporium, but even the best bourbons sour my stomach. I've been meaning to try absinthe since it's been legal in the US again. If social conservatives hate it, it's probably good, though I'm not sure if they hate it because artists like it or because it's called the green "fairy". SoD will probably be forgiven his sins in due time.

Come on, Bob, dammit, remember you're American! A proper, ice-cold dry martini is the only drink for gentlemen on either side of the pond!

Shaken not stirred?

Neither, Bob. Just fill a jug almost to with the best gin you can find and then tip in a tiny splash of either French or Italian Vermouth. Then place the jug in the freezer and drink the contents - slowly! - the next day.

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