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Friday, 24 February 2017


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If I could make it in politics...I would be thoroughly ashamed of myself! From time to time every Democracy needs a "Rabble of Rustics" political party to emerge. No need to go overboard like the French did. A guillotine is simply one step too far.

I agree with Whiters and that the guillotine is not terribly British.

We have always contented ourselves with hanging, with drawing and quartering as an optional extra for the likes of Blair.

UKIP - I was briefly a member but after a year or so the amateurish nature of all the literature they sent me got on my tits so I pulled the plug. This would have been around the time they were scaring Cameron into promising a referendum so at least I can say I did my bit!

Dammit, Cuffers, I feel certain 'Her Maj' has an OM up her sleeve for you!

UKIP's problem is that it is not a political party. It is a movement to generate enough steam to force the actual political parties to change their policies. It worked with the referendum. Now they need to push the Tories to take us out of the EU. We don't need them running local councils etc.


I do hope that your OM is pulled out of Her Maj's, er, "sleeve" (for the sake of decorum).

As for "hanged, drawn, and quartered", I think you Brits are a mite ghoulish in your execution spectacles. I mean ... mucking around in some poor bloke's entrails ... Yuck!

Henry, maybe so but nobody does it with more style and attention to detail.

Lest there be any confusion, Gentlemen, an 'OM' is short for the Order of Merit, a bauble much sought after by the aspiring! (Can't think what happened to mine!)

backofanenvelope is right that UKIP is not a party in the conventional sense. Either are our mutated Republicans. They're both movements in reaction to the forces of globalization. The current composition of the Republicans is also likely to be short lived.

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