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Friday, 24 February 2017


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There's a theory going around that Stoppard's plays are written by someone else, who does not wish to be recognised. My bet's on Roy 'Chubby' Brown!

With that bold order stated above, I have been cowering under my bed, too afraid to comment.

In which case, Penseivat, 'Chubby' Brown is a genius!

Brace up, Whiters, and remember you're a Carolingian, er, or something like that!

you're a Carolingian,

Isn't that some sort of oral sex?

My delicate upbringing precludes me from knowing.

Why let me, ah say let me help you out there David and AussieD. A proper North Carolinian-me- is known as a Tarheel. Thus North Carolina, named for an English lass you'll remember, is called the "Tarheel State". Sometimes called other things by our neighbor to the north, and other things by our unfortunate neighbor to the south.

Grrrrrrr! Copy the article and paste it somewhere sensible. THAT'S an order!

Eh? What? I cringe, Ma'am, I cringe but I just clicked on the link and up it came! What's the problem?

Yes, because YOU pay for it! I get told I need to subscribe "to read further". You know what, no thanks, even though I love Stoppard as well.

Sorry, sorry, Miss Mayfly, I will try and see if I can resurrect it.

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