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Saturday, 25 February 2017


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Nah! it's just virtue signalling.
There was never the slightest doubt that people legally here would stay. Might have been a useful bluff, but I assume even the boneheads at the EU would see through it.
As to a Parliamentary vote on the deal, that would be standard procedure anyway, and should it be rejected we can't not leave so we leave with no deal.
Plus under the fixed term Parliament act there either needs to be a two thirds majority of MPs voting for a dissolution, or a vote of no confidence. I can't see either happening, and it would take a lot of time to repeal the act.

The Lords will compromise with themselves and retain their £300 a day plus subsidised beverage.
The Lords know the PM would win a massive majority if she went to the country.
May could go down in history by ridding ourselves of this elite subsidised pensioners club.
Hope she does.

The Lords may rise and revolt!

They've been revolting for years!

"Are the Lords and Ladyships really that stupid?"
The short answer is, "Yes." The long answer is, "Apparently."

Why have an "Upper House" at all? Anywhere.

The one here in Oz in the Federal Parliament is the greatest collection of drongoes, whackos, green lunatics and general imbeciles in the country. They effectively stop the Lower House from governing according to the mandate given by the electorate.

AussieD, that's probably the point?

Election? Be careful what you wish for.

Any GE at this stage will inevitably turn into a second Referendum.

The Beeb, the Luvvies, the Parasite class, and all the rest of them will go into overdrive. The EU will wade in. Project Fear II will be like nothing you've ever imagined.

A few inconvenient losses and we could end up with a Farron-Sturgeon coalition.

May, quite rightly, will take no such risk.

Maybe, Andrew, but it's also possible that 'The People' (dread word!) might get so pissed off that they will be even more determined for Brexit.

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