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Tuesday, 14 February 2017


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"Know thyself" is right. Also, know who put you in office and why is vital. If Trump is to "make America great again", he will first have to make America America again. This goal is what the Liberal opposition in Congress as well as the Deep State and the MSM can't allow. They lose power. As always it seems America is fighting a two front war--some form of Leftism, (communism recently) and "progressivism" currently in addition to Islam as the other enemy.

This General Flynn resignation was a self inflicted wound. He will have to be replaced with somebody the entire intelligence community can trust.

Completely off topic, but I thought this would be of interest:

I believe Wellington said after his first cabinet meeting as PM: "I gave the chaps their orders and they wanted to stay and discuss them..." Probably not an entirely accurate quote. And great news about the Raccoon.


I don't have much experience in leadership, having only once been in charge of a half-dozen or so members of an R&D team effort (after which I decided that middle management is definitely not my thing). But I do believe your suggestions for President Trump, who is the CEO of the Federal Executive Branch of the U.S. (as well as Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. armed forces), are way too finely granulated. The man is, after all, the ultimate boss of millions of individuals (counting the armed forces)!

In a structural sense, his leadership can only be effectively implemented via a top/down pyramid: The President at the top. His inner circle of advisors, his Cabinet, the various Executive Branch Directors (CIA, etc.), and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff reporting directly to him.

Having witnessed what a god-awful aggravation it is just to get his Cabinet nominations approved by the Senate, any President, realistically, can only manipulate (in a timely fashion) his inner circle of advisors, those who do not require confirmation by the Senate.

I am not sure if the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff actually reports directly to the President or indirectly through the Secretary of Defense. Probably the latter, but this can only be one more level of depth of the President's gigantic pyramid of power.

Well, of course, Henry, leadership is always a top/down system but the bloke at the top needs to remember at all times that the 'downers' may well push back, or sideways, or just trip over their own big feet! All I'm saying is that it is exceedingly tricky and requires subtle thinking and I just hope Donald can learn it and learn it fast because he has some might tasks to undertake!

Of course, the job of the most powerful man on earth is tricky. Do you think The Don or any other man (or girly man) who attained the position doesn't know that?

This is why ♀bama hired the all-knowing Valerie Jarrett to do the job for him, so he could blame and throw under the bus some underling for every stupid decision that c*nt made while he was trying to make par on the golf course. And when he couldn't make par, he routinely threw his clubs under the bus. It couldn't possibly have been because he sucks at everything he tries to do, except for the things he intentionally wants to f*ck up.

Henry, Henry, calm down, dear, it's only called 'running the world'!

Whoops. I didn't mean to rant that much. I guess I haven't yet recovered from the malfeasance of the preceding administration. My apologies to all y'all.

Happy Valentine's Day.

And hugs 'n' kisses to you too, Henry!

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