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Tuesday, 07 February 2017


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David, no doubt those two ladies are exited about arriving at your house!

"She is infinitely better-looking and does it all so much better than that utter twit of a husband of hers and in doing so she usually manages to flash a bit of inner thigh which is quite exciting"

You can't really judge between them unless you've seen a bit of his inner thigh. Be fair.

I'm probably partly to blame for the Bercow phenomenon. He did the same degree in the same Uni department as me, about seven years later. He obviously saw me as some kind of role-model that he could copy, but, alas, he has fallen by the wayside while I made something of myself.

Too late Whitewall they have arrived at ma hoose. That will give David and Donald a rest. Whit I hiv tae dae fur Britain! Exhausting, God Save our Queen Lizzie. 65 years.

Whyaxye, that is a revealing post you made there!

Jimmy! You are a patriot! Brave soul ye be.

Whitewall, we are the silent majority and always prevail. Decent hard working people do not take to the streets and trash businesses and people of good will.

To me they both look awful and I rather fancy they deserve each other. Neither of them would pass muster in my locale - we are a pretty classy bunch and these people are riff-raff.

Does anyone remember Rik Mayall's character, Tory MP Alan Beresford B'Stard in the satirical comedy The New Statesman? Bercow's resemblance to him is startling. Enjoy and judge for yourself!

Not sure about "infinitely" better looking but worth a squirt, I suppose; unlike her loathsome husband who IS just a little squit.

I doubt that even after a long time at sea and on the first run ashore the Lower Deck would take on Sally.

Duffers the book is very good. Glad I decided to be a sailor. Jumping out of perfectly good aeroplanes sounds positively dangerous.

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