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Friday, 03 February 2017


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God bless America!

Our justice system is quirky enough to allow for the odd Brit or two.
Audemus jura nostra defendere — Latin for "We Dare Defend Our Rights" or "We Dare Maintain Our Rights" — is the state motto of Alabama

Excellent, Whiters, and in that case, make mine a double!

Luckily for Chancellor, he got a naive traffic court judge.

Interesting how the left and right differ across the Atlantic. Humanist marriage and harm reduction (re snus) would be liberal issues here.

Climate change denial appears consistent, though, and Ridley ignores more recent evidence:

Speaking of driving:
Feb. 3 (UPI) — A British tank enthusiast found a simple solution to the problem of a tank with low fuel — he drove it through town to a local gas station.

The video, posted to YouTube by TankNutDave, shows the man, Dave, driving a British CVR Scorpion Light Tank through the town of Kettering to gas up at the local Tesco station.

Dave, assistant show director for Wicksteed at War, said the tank was one of the vehicles on display for the exhibition.

“One of the vehicle owners needed fuel,” he told Storyful. “So I took to Tescos petrol station!”

Bob NOAA are a bit like the University of East Anglia - they have a vested interest in maintaining the global warming [now referred to as climate change as the previous tag got scuppered] gravy train. The climate has been changing since the earth solidified. Jurassic warmth, a couple of serious ice ages and since recorded history the Mediaevel Warming and the little ice age

Keep an open mind and spend some time trawling [not trolling] and similar sites.

After years of predicted catastrophes of global weather events it is hard to take any of the catastrophic warnings seriously. "Hockey sticks" by Mann are a good example.

And just for fun you can try this one about one of our "noted climate scientists"

AussieD, I was only a lowly engineer, but worked with enough scientists that I've got a good feel for how they work. The available evidence indicates man-made climate change is real. If someone were to come up with evidence that convinced climate scientists it's all been a mistake I'd accept it. It's not science to believe absolutely one way or the other.

How did you like Turnbull getting put in his place on The Trump Show?

I have little sympathy for Turnbull. Down here he is known as Lord Waffle. He should have seen Trumps decision coming. He did the deal with Obama at a time when your election process was nearing completion and Trump had made his position on immigration as clear as you can get it. Love him or hate him his message was unambiguous.

I believe that Turnbull, like most, believed Clinton would win. If he had been as smart as he thinks he is he would have waited for the result of the Presidential election. As it was his office didn't even have a phone number for Trump and had to get it off Greg Norman [the golfer].

I do not know what sort of President Trump will be in the long run but he is not of the "political class" and that may be the greatest positive he brings as it has shaken the spongers and elites to their very core. As an ex-serviceman I have little time for "pollies" having had to deal with them over the years. They turn up, stand amongst "the uniforms" or in front of a big grey ship or a tank, smile then piss off and forget all they have promised.

As to "climate change" I am a skeptic. As soon as someone tells me "the science is settled" I see bullshit or self interest. Science is never "settled".

Turney, the alleged scientist in the reference above, went to Antarctica to show the ice cap was melting and to do so at Commonwealth Bay, the site of Douglas Mawson's landing in 1911. At the time of Mawson that bay was almost entirely ice free. Now it is solid ice. If nothing else it shows Turney to be a fool. There is an old service saying "Time spent on reconaisance is never wasted". Turney had obviously never heard it or he would have looked at the satelite images before going down and making a fool of himself getting frozen in.

One scientist being an ass doesn't mean much in the big picture. The Academies of Science from 80 countries including around 95% of active climate researchers agree humans are causing global warming.

Remember the tobacco controversy back in the '70's? A large majority of medical researchers agreed smoking causes cancer, but the industry hired their own experts to cast doubt, among other tricks. Money talks and the oil industry has a lot of money too.

The DoD, not known to be a bunch of pinko liberals, is serious about warming:

Bob you can believe the 95% stuff if you like but it aint so.


and for a breakdown on one of the renowned climate scientist's failures see

If you still want to believe in man made global warming feel free. Your choice.

The DoD, of course, has been run by pinko liberals for the last 8 years.

AussieD, I can't make heads or tails of this phone call between Trump and your PM. I have read differing accounts of it and even read Quadrant online to clarify with no luck. Our domestic "Lügenpresse" was in an uproar over it so things must have been a bit off. Trump is well known for having the tact of a beer belch, but still. What I did learn is what a great many Americans here on the American side of the Beltway learned: somehow we have agreed to take about eleven hundred "refuges" from Oz. Really? Who are these people and how did you end up with them?


The sites you link have an obvious bias. The National Academy of Sciences and Royal Academy are at least a wee bit more believable:



What do you imagine will be running the DoD now, something like this?:

Bob, I'm thinking you might enjoy a trip down Australia way and schedule yourself a little boat ride.

Maybe Aussie D can find you the phone number of a certain nautical chartering genius for your adventure. Fellow by the name of Chris Turney.

I think Bob, you two - that is, you and Chris not, you and Aussie D - would really enjoy discussing all and anything seeing as y'all seem so similar in so many different ways.


But. Speaking of Brits driving through America's South


I ever tell you about a Fourth of July in a great big crowd and for the sole and only time in my life NOT liking fireworks? Especially the itty bitty bottle-rocket variety?

Now before you get all curious about timelines an' all, there's a Naval Air Station in Millington Tennessee. NAS Memphis. P-3 Orions.

(Now. Don't NOBODY ever refer to ol' JK as 'Thunder Chicken' ... all JK was doing was learnin' new guys the ropes at the time.)

Hello JK! Nope.

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