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Saturday, 04 February 2017


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Captain Oates, not Ernest Shackleton.

Well David, at least your weather will be somewhat better than what Capt. Oates faced! Tell the Memsahib "happy birthday" and SoD to behave himself.

Pat - bugger! - but thanks.

Whiters, I passed on your birthday wishes and she became somewhat misty-eyed and wanted to know where-about in America you lived . . . In the meantime SoD sat here tapping away and God alone knows what the outcome will be! It's so irritating when your kids have forgotten more than you will ever know!

Happy birthday, a day late, to Miss Patsy.

A wonderful happy birthday to Memsahib! Many blessings and health for the year to come.

Thanks dear Miss Red and Michael, too, your good wishes have been passed on.

From "the Land Down Under" Happy Birthday maam. And many more of them.

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