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Wednesday, 08 February 2017


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Thankfully I am now retired, but when I was working I was told by these management speak types that there are no problems, just opportunities and solutions. So SOD has an opportunity to bring a solution to your problem.

So it should read, Houston we have an opportunity. I bet that's what thought on Apollo 13 err honest.

Outlook! Uhh. I have it and every time I see it I want to take a stick and beat it.

Do you mean to tell me there are people out there who don't use gmail?

What is this thing called "gmail"? Is it the same as a 'Gman'?

gmail is Google's email service. It's free. It works. It filters out most spam. Did I mention that it works?

My email department disappeared completely yesterday. I have no idea who I am or where I've gone.
SoD, all is forgiven. Can you fix my computer please?


If you're using Outlook as your email "client" software, and one of Microsoft's mailbox "service" brands -,, - as your mailbox service, then you'll likely be having difficulties at the moment.

MS are in the processing of upgrading the entire mailbox "server" service, and they've been at it for some months. They're doing it in large, country sized, batches. Regression testing and customer retention don't seem to be high on their priority list.

Here's the tale of woe - look at the lists of known issues and FAQ's at the bottom. You might be experiencing one or some of them ...

The register sums them up best reference this problem and in general: "Never explain, never apologize" ...


Oooh! Looks daunting.
I know it's not hotmail or gmail or any of those.
I have a call in to my computer person but nothing back from him.
I'll just have to hang about and think pleasant thoughts.
I do appreciate your assistance though.

My bloke has fixed the computer remotely. Turns out it probably was microsoft farting around in my business. Bloody cheek!
Anyway, I feel whole again.
Thanks SoD.

Andra, good news there! We often have people call to "fix" our MicroSoft remotely. Each caller has an Indian English accent.

Whiters - I love those people. I do an old lady voice and say "Oh yes, the lovely man has just gone. He fixed my computer and I paid him the money. I'm so glad he came."
The Indian person has a fit and I hang up, smiling sweetly.

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