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Monday, 13 February 2017


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These people get on stage under immense pressure, imagining their groupies are waiting fitfully for them to say something about current politics. It can be gibberish and said groupies will swallow it gladly. Then said groupies go out and demonstrate. Rinse-repeat.

Bloody hell David...!
You cannot live your life without seeing Ken Loach's film 'Kes' at least once. It is gritty, extremely moving, and contains one of the greatest ever performances given by a child actor - David Bradley, playing the lead role of Billy Casper. I know Ken Loach is extreme left wing, but please put all politics aside and watch the damn film. You won't regret it. It is an absolute masterpiece!

Alright, Richard, alright, so I forgot about 'Kes'! Even so, am I wrong to suggest (from my memory) that is was a tad sentimental?

A tad sentimental perhaps, but not cloyingly so. At least it didn't have a Hollywood style happy ending!!!

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