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Wednesday, 08 February 2017


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Over here, the graceful and fragrant Mde. le Pen only appears in the NY Times and the Guardian news pages. I learn more about her right here at D&N than I do the others. I gather the fear of her is centered in the largest cities and suburbs as opposed to the rest of France? Nothing like a candidate making a nation face its threats against its will it seems?

D&N?! A dead dodgy source, better watch out!

Ha! I have sources in low places :)

Chivalry does not fare well in Somerset, David. It's insulting to describe Le Pen as a female Trump. The only thing they have in common is unhinged nationalistic rhetoric. She's pro-choice, anti-death penalty, and has expelled the worst extremists from the FN. Trump has embraced extremists and even appointed one, Steve Bannon, a top advisor.

Bob, my exact words were "a sort of" Trump. Nobody can be sure exactly what a Trump Trump is, we must all learn as he goes along!

Let's review what we know. Trump:

- lies constantly
- picks political fights with anyone
- picks political fights with whole branches of government
- is under investigation for his and his campaign's ties to Putin
- hasn't met the standards for conflicts of interest
- got fooled into signing an EO putting Bannon on the NSC
- has the lowest approval rating for any president at this point
- likes to grab women by their hoo haws
- takes a prostate drug to grow what kinda looks like hair
- thinks Arnold Schwarzenegger is a loser
- actually believes some of the conspiracy theories he spouts
- is probably crazy

Can anyone think of anything else?

...and he beat Hillary

He also beat 16 Republicans.

"takes a prostate drug to grow what kinda looks like hair"

I hear ♀bama takes a hair drug to grow a pair of balls.

Bob - get back on your meds, man.

Or has O'bamaaaacare made them too expensive for you?

Hey - that's socialism for you! It f@cks the poor!!

TheBigHenry & Cuffleyburgers,

No defense of Trump?


Beware of pleasantries from trolls with spittle dripping off their chins. They are likely off their meds, though they understand they are being mocked. In such a scenario their go-to response is sandbagging.


Please, please, please, please, please don't call me a troll with spittle dripping off my chin! Anything but that! Boo hoo hoo!

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