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Friday, 17 February 2017


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I wonder what they make of the current Blair incarnation over at the Guardian? (No, I don't want to look, thanks, I know it's a bit lazy of me, but I'll leave that to you). Here's that dreadful sell-out who betrayed the socialists and bombed Islamic nations, yet he's the highest-profile remainer muppet prepared to offer false comfort. A true dilemma for them.

Blair's only virtue is that he makes me appreciate the hard-left SWP-types who turn out en masse with those blood-spattered "B.Liar" posters and howl him down as a war criminal. Seeing that always makes me feel better.

David, I have been waiting for your offering this morning for my third cup of coffee! The Trump/Blair expo is almost perfectly timed by the Gods and is exactly why you got Brexit and we chose Trump. Blair makes his re entry as the spokesman of a rejected elite while Trump holds forth with full throated "Peak Trump" against a long ago discredited mainstream and abroad. I loved it! Telling water carrying lying whores what they are and how deeply distrusted they are out on the American side of the Beltway is what we have been waiting years for! People in Europe are watching their own elites now and at long last these elites are sweating! Comfy establishments need to be made uncomfy and in some cases removed.

Sorry I was late, Whiters, but, er, bottles must be washed and chief cooks kept up to the mark!

The purpose of Trump's presser was probably to further establish the media as "The Enemy". Every politician needs one, and the media are ripe because they really are unpopular. He probably spews outrageous lies in front of them in an attempt to keep them off balance in hopes they'll make mistakes that he can point out later. What The Donald might not realize, however, is there's an old adage that originated as a Mark Twain quote: "Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel."

While the media are unpopular, so is Trump, and his reality TV act is wearing thin fast. A few Congressional Republicans are already turning on him just a month into his administration. At the same time, he's also alienated a significant part of the intelligence community. It's hard to see how any of this turns out well for anyone except Vladimir Putin.

Blair is in one way Britain's version of Hillary Clinton; the triumph of trying only to win over political integrity. The idea of cynically calculating the exact political center and making a pitch to it is bound to fail.

Well, Bob, he's actually right. You are also right (on this occasion) that all politicians need an enemy. However, they usually choose the Putins, Chinas or ISISs of this world - easy targets in a sense as you don't need to risk a lot of political capital on them and the gains are guaranteed.

Trump, by making an enemy of the press has chosen a high risk target but one that genuinely is hostile or at best indifferent to the interests of the average American. The main stream media, which are howling so enjoyably are rotten with lefty cant (that was deliberately spelled cant although there are alternative spellings that would also be appropriate).

These are the Obama and Hilbilly cheerleaders who for 8 years have cheered on America's worst ever president and never subjected him or his entourage or his policies or his approach to the slightest forensic analysis. He was given the easiest of easy rides. they then swallowed whole the Hillary nomination despite its stinking like the week old dead flounder Hilary so often resembled in photos.

So, the MSM deserve to be given a hard time. In a sense it is quite correct, even in these internet times, to regard the media in the collective as part of the political infrastructure of a nation, and they have abandoned their post, and as a consequence deserve to be (metaphorically of course) shot.


You are my newfound hero. Bravo!

What Henry said!


We all seek self-validation. We'd all like to believe the media pick on people that agree with us and are too kind to those who don't. It's usually not objectively true. The US media were hard on Obama during the 2012 campaign even though he was president. Pew Research, which is non-partisan, found the following:

"One man running for president has suffered the most unrelentingly negative treatment of all, the study found: Barack Obama. Though covered largely as president rather than a candidate, negative assessments of Obama have outweighed positive by a ratio of almost 4-1. Those assessments of the president have also been substantially more negative than positive every one of the 23 weeks studied. And in no week during these five months was more than 10% of the coverage about the president positive in tone."

It might be true the media are hard on Trump, too. It's unusual for them to flatly call anyone a liar, and most don't seem to hesitate. To be fair, though, Trump constantly tells outright lies. As mentioned above, it's probably strategic, and you're right that it's high risk.

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