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Friday, 10 February 2017


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Either way, they win!

David, injuries to the tailbone after a fall take a long time to heal. Please consider hiring house staff a day or two a week. The Sainsburys was packed because this is Friday. What the devil is Marmite, let alone Bovril? Can they be easily washed off if you get any on your clothes?

Additional: coming and going it seems.

Can't argue with that, Mr. Nerd!

"What the devil is Marmite, let alone Bovril?" Don't ask, Whiters, both are the produce of the devil! Mind you, those that like them can't get enough - there's no accounting for taste, even bad taste!

Your last comment definitely justifies a "Very witty, Wilde!"

It's called hedging duffers

Well, Cuffers, I think Durex owe me a bonus considering how many of their products I, er, filled back in the day. OK, OK, perhaps not quite as many as I like to imagine but, dammit, I tried!

Er, Whitewall?

Some powerful stuff. Apparently.

JK, that stuff sounds a bit iffy? Maybe a cargo plane loaded with Planters peanut butter might ween them off that stuff. I consider peanut butter a dietary staple.

Peanut butter!!! I haven't tasted that in years and I used to like it. Seeing as I'm in charge of shopping - now's my chance!

Well, you're doing it all wrong.
Forget Marmite and Bovril - you need Vegemite and Bonox!!
Much, much better and the memsahib will thank you.

Forget Marmite. Good old Aussie Vegemite is the stuff. Puts hair on the hairs on your hair. It's excellence however is lost on "the cousins" and a multitude of others.

Knowing it to be [virtually] unobtainable I took a large jar with me on a posting to the US and made sure it was in my hand luggage to go through customs/immigration. Sure enough at LA the pleasant immigration official [stop laughing I was on a Services Passport with my rank on it and he was ex-USN] wanted to know what the black stuff in the jar I plonked on the counter was so I offered him a taste. Poor bugger thought he had been poisoned - much to the amusement of one of his colleagues who had had the significant honour of tasting it while attached to an Aussie Battalion in Vietnam. SWMBO is addicted to peanut butter.

However I agree with you on that Bovril stuff. I had the misfortune to taste it on an RN ship as a young pusser. Vile stuff - bloody awful.

Shalom TBH. G'day Whiters.

Totally unrelated but I attended a dinner early in the week to celebrate "the Boss" being on the throne for 65 years. None of us had served under another sovereign.

David, memories of condoms can't compare to those of the advent of "The Pill". There hasn't been anything as wonderful in the past 50 years as women set free to be blithely obliging. Oh to be young again ...

Years ago, Malcolm Pollack mentioned Marmite as something to be savored. I asked Trish, who had spent several years in London, what she thought about that. She said the Brits seem to like it, but it looked vile to her, so she never tried it. I decided to give it a go.

It does look vile -- but I like the taste. Go figure.

The big-name brands of peanut butter use cheaper peanuts, and cover the bad taste with a lot of sugar. They also hydrogenate the peanut oil, basically a heart attack in a jor. However, made at home in the blender, or the "natural" varieties in jars, taste like ground up peanuts. Every Southerner over forty learned a song in school about "goober peas". It refers to the fact that the Confederate Army ran on peanuts for the soldiers and corn for the mules, and, if we'd just had enough of both, the South would have won the War.

I am so sorry to hear that Mrs Duff is still laid up. If my daughter had made a connection with y'all at the right time, she could have taken over the grocery shopping. She is a speed demon with a shopping cart.

Some Wal Mart stores here are offering a sort of shopping service, order on line, each item has a photo, to make sure you are ordering the thing you want, then it's ready to be picked up, in the parking lot in front of the store, already paid by debit card. If I ever get old, and the young sprout has her own bairns to look after, I plan to avail myself of this modern wonder.

Michael, I do recall that tune from childhood.

AussieD, your Mrs must be a wise woman. Peanut butter helped me get over stomach surgery about 15 years ago as it would slide down my throat easily and land softly where I could not tolerate anything chewy touching.

Bob, that is the truest true thing you have ever said on this blog!

TBH, you obviously have a taste deficiency, er, except in wives!

Michael, yes, some of our stores offer that service but the wife says that whilst I'm useless at least I'm cheap!

Surely you or Lawrence must have a couple of old rat packs kicking around? This would be a really good chance to introduce 'Er Indoors to delicacies such as bacon grill, Biscuits AB, Chicken a la King and soggy spangles!

No, David, the Wal Mart service is FREE! Are they trying to get me hooked? IDK, but it is wonderful when you're laid up. e.g.flu: When you are young, flu makes you feel bad. Then, sometime around age thirty, you don't fear death. You fear that you WON'T die. That would be the time, I think, to avail myself of the FREE pick up service. I do hope she is better very soon. and my wish is not just to put an end to your whining.

Oh God, Richard, I couldn't eat the contents of one of those things today! If I'd carried a ton of kit 25 miles, well, maybe ... oh alright then, definitely but for sure the 'Memsahib' wouldn't!

Now look, Michael, this blog is my psychological, padded cell! A really good dose of wimpish moaning is good for you!

Now I would not say David "whines". Or "whinges" for those who can't spell properly. He is merely reverting back to his days of fame and stardom on the theater scene and expressing himself in that manner. Sort of a rolling "days of our lives" where nobody yells "cut".

This cosmopolitan yank (shhh I know) will weigh in the marmite vegemite thingy. I have had both.
I prefer marmite because it is saltier. Otherwise there isn't much difference.
There I settled that debate.
The health benefits of marmite/vegemite are amazing. All those vitamin Bs, folic acid and yeast do wonders for the body.
I do not gently spread it on my toast.. it goes on by the spoonful. The best present one of my visiting scots friends gave me was two very large jars of marmite. I think it might last me a year!
I have never had bovril, but I do eat black pudding when I can get it.

This Yank also likes Marmite. For some reason it's a lot easier to find here than our own version, Vegex.

Peanut butter!! But one without sugar. Whole Earth make a version with just peanuts. More expensive but well worth it. Mixed with cream, cocoa powder and a sweetner,it makes a passable praline mixture good for diabetics.

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