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Thursday, 09 February 2017


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Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Edgar Allan Poe, among many others, liked drugs too and wrote great poetry and prose. It's not for everyone, but some prefer to live fast, die early and leave a good looking corpse.

She seems to have been a talented smart lady and I have no objection to good looking women who put it about a bit - it is sad she seems to have died pretty well alone (sad when anyone does) but she made her bed as it were... sad anyway.

There's other people's deaths I could be much more ambivalent about.

Families are left to wonder "why"?

I loved her to bits.

Poor girl suffered from an autoimmune disorder, about which I know plenty, which laid her up for months on end, and fought off a brain tumour.

And she still managed to tear this life a new arsehole, good for her. Not like the goody-two-shoes snowflakes of today, hiding in their safe zones.

Whichever one done for her, I'll be raising a glass in her memory tonight.


live fast, die early and leave a good looking corpse.

Just a phrase to justify the self indulgence in substances that can do you no good and probably great harm.

Over three decades I had the misfortune to come across quite a few corpses. None of them good looking and some who still haunt me.

A young relative who is a currently serving paramedic here in Oz assures me those who die of drug overdose do not make good looking corpses.

If the lady died of an illness it was far too young.

Whitewall sums it up nicely. "Why"

Thank you for posting that article David.

I must admit that my initial reaction was exactly the title of your post, and I assumed she'd died of cocaine or something.

It seems that one ought to be try to be more charitable. Mea Culpa.

But having said that - the top quarter of the front page of the Daily Telegraph? Come on chaps, get a sense of proportion...

She was lucky to come from a rich family unlike the routine heroin user who can cause carnage and the breakdown of a family. Being rich she could easily purchase her chosenn substances unlike others who will steal from anyone including family.

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