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Wednesday, 01 February 2017


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A good pick indeed! The Left has gotten control of too many institutions here and managed to degrade all of them which is in keeping with their nature. They have done the same in western Europe. An "agency" not mentioned is out of sight in a way, but ever present-- the Deep State. This firing of that acting out temporary head of DOJ was a needed message to the Deep State. There are too many like her throughout. I suspect all governments have these actors.

The agencies you mentioned are indeed "rogue" with the IRS being the worst. The State Dept is nearly as bad. All need a deep enema.

Dear Mr Duff,
Thank you for speaking such common sense.
Can't thing of a smarter thing to say.

Mair power tae yer elbow.

Thanks, 'Doonie', I'll have a double!

Duffers - presidents of both complexions are guilty of constitutional vandalism, but the Dems have been undoubtedly worst. Many of the problems that O'Bama exacerbated were rooted orginally in errors made by Bush 43, a decent enough fella by all accounts but hardly a towering intellect.

Quite right, 'Cuffers', but Obama, being a pupil of Alinsky, was particularly egregious in that respect so it needs a mighty blunt weapon like Trump to knock down his constructions.


Possibly a bit more than you want to know.

Thanks, Hank, and I'll try to get round to reading them later.

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