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Thursday, 02 February 2017


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You're only at the Bahnhof with your forged paperwork and your English accented German ain't great, so a way to go yet ...

Slight change of tune now ref parliamentary democracy, rule of law, due process, is it?! Best thing since sliced bread! Will of the people properly represented so much better than lawless rule by plebiscite, is it?!



SoD, I have always been in favour of "parliamentary democracy, rule of law, due process" but, as usual, you missed out one qualifying word - 'British'! And I would remind you that the inventor, builder and keeper of that excellent system was Britain.

Of course, no system is perfect or free of the infection of crap politicians but at least because of it we have the opportunity to correct mistakes. You try correcting 'Junck the Drunk' and his polit-bureau!

Also, do not think for a moment that I am unaware of the threat of problems to come. I fully expect the Europeans to live down to their lowest standards of anti-British vindictiveness, it's not as though we haven't experienced it all before!

Yes, excellent news. I like the way that the "remainers" last hopes are rapidly slipping away. First, they were sure they would win. Then, that they would have a new referendum because they didn't like the result of the first one. Then, that the courts would save the day for them. Then, that the Nats would make things too difficult. Then Parliament would prevent it. Of course, some Guardian commentators are still hoping for violent insurrection, and many still prophesy economic doom despite all the signs looking good.

If in any doubt, cheer yourself up by having a look at John Redwood's blog.

Would any sane person willingly give up control over their country to such a ramshackle organisation headed by drunks and depressives? Jumping off the train is scary and will lead to bruises, but it's better than being on board when it goes over the cliff.

That was a crushing vote margin in Parliament. The nays were about half Labor and half Scottish Nats and that's it. On the wire page I just read, there appears a large photo with a black guy holding a protest sign reading "stop Brexit, support the right of free movement of people, Brexit is racist"...etc. With signs like that, it's no wonder Brexit won.

I just watched a video of a 90 second dust up between Corbyn and PM May. Me thinks Corbyn might have regretted his remarks because she laid a serious bitch slap on him!

I think, Whiters, that it can only be a matter of time before Prime Minister's Questions between May and Corbyn are reported to the authorities as "cruel and unusual punishment"!

"You're only at the Bahnhof with your forged paperwork and your English accented German ain't great, so a way to go yet ..."

Like it, SoD.

Bags me have the motorbike...

But joking apart that's how they see it and why part of them wants to punish us for our cheeky cockney cheek and part of them of them is petrified of what's going to happen to the fatherland when the war "iss ofer" (ie once we do get out).

And now there's Trump telling them a few home truths about NATO and common defence, immigration and democracy, and they are shitting themselves, as the Wops say. They don't know what to do, which they HATE.

It's very funny actually. Pass the popcorn.

We can get rid of Trump in 4 or 8 years, but the UK is only at the start of what will likely be a tediously protracted, winding road. Good luck, cousins.

And after 8 years - America's first female president - Ivanka Trump!

Bob - what a lot of people misunderstand or else deliberately misrepresent is that the choice wasn't between a leap in the dark and a place in our favourite armchair in front of the fire.

Remaining in would have been a vote to stay on a mystery tour bus being driven by a bunch of ruritanian drunks and socialists (I've nothing against drunks as long as they aren't trying to run my life) whose every intervention has ended in disaster but who are desperate to continue to extend the tentacles of their civil law power into every aspect of lfe.

it would have been an utter catastrophe for the UK to have voted to stay on board. Now we've shown it can be done we can expect more recalcitrance from others who have been, or are being, shafted and the lives of the brussles apparachiks will become a bit more complicated and there is maybe an outside chance they can be saved from themselves.

We've actually done them a Yuuuge favour.

Well said, Cuffers!

6 months later, and all we've got is a 76 page white paper full of, well, mostly white paper and typos ...

I've probably written more crap on D&N in 2017 than's on that white paper.

That'll really show the Bosch, eh!

You're on the chuffer, sweating like a rapist, and Herr Inspector has arrived for your pass, "Your paperz are not in order! Ze swastika is backwards! Und eef I am not mistaken, ve are in ze third Reich, not the zecond! And vot eez diss hand-writing in ze back page, eet sayz 'Awight Gaffer, here's your falsies, good luck!"


"Zo, take ze vig and high heels off, and kum viz me. Und I can tell you, Tommy, your are very lucky. Ze 666th SS penal regiment is getting on at ze next station. Ve call zem "ze Svetting Rapists". Zay haff been at ze ostfront fur ein jahr wizzout seeing a voman, and eetz eight hours to ze final stoppe!"

Carriage falls apart laughing as you are escorted away ...


SoD, you should write a book!


You'd be surprised how similar your opinion is to our political right's. Just substitute "federal government" for "EU".

I know it's boring, and quite pedestrian, but those of us who understand what is going on AND have to deal with the gargantuan DC bureaucracy could give anyone who'll stand still long enough, and, in my case, some who tried to run away, chapter and verse on why we hate socialism, why and how socialists are crippling us, hurting the most those proles they presume to "help."Yes, literate proles may have carried a lot of hillbillies along with us, but it was we who voted out the socialists. It's not that we don't like women, nor even that we don't like Blacks or gender dysmorphics or whatever is the protected group du jour. It's just that socialism does not work, hurts it supposed beneficiaries, and socialists WILL NOT LISTEN! They know so much, but most of it is wrong. I met some lovely people in Belgium, but I would not like for them to run my life.

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