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Saturday, 25 February 2017


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Being a politician he may have given her tongue for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"Where does he find the energy?"
He can't find the energy for the trees?

This slots in nicely with the farce which is Eddie Stobart (and probably others) burning vast quantities of diesel to cart inefficient fuel huge distances around the country to power stations which have been bodged to fit in with the scam.

Corporate and government lunacy: Drax was opened in 1974 and designed to burn coal. Since then it has become economically non-competitive and is only a back-up for other power generation. The company that owns it, Drax Group plc., is attempting to keep making money by taking advantage of subsidies for biomass, which are poorly conceived. It's highly doubtful Drax Group plc. is owned by greenies:

Coal is also being phased out in the US for the same reasons.


Btw, JK, wrong again. Tom Perez will be DNC chair, not Ellison.

Mr Huhne should be commended for his efforts in rescuing the "lady" from her situation. Well done that man.

That he is a complete and utter prat in other aspects is unfortunate.

I should have included that down this way we had a former Supreme Court judge, Marcus Einfeld, given three years durance vile for the same sort of thing - claiming under oath that someone else was driving his car at the time of an offence. Silly bastard chose someone who had at that time gone to meet her maker.

What were you saying Bob about superior intelligence?


I didn't say anything about superior intelligence. I favor decisions made by those with superior knowledge. Even then, humans being what we are, the decisions of a single person or aligned group can't be trusted. That's why all our affairs are so damned messy.

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