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Sunday, 12 February 2017


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How can "sticking their noses, unnecessarily and uselessly, into matters that were no concern of theirs" be a valid description of judges upholding the constitution, rule of law and due process, and thereby keeping the executive in check?

You really have lost the plot.

And to link it to another of your rumbles above, a variation: "Your leader is sometimes your enemy".

Thank Christ we have judges to help us out on that front.


A long (sorry) quote from Howards End by E M Forster on the fifth:

Helen said to her aunt: "Now comes the wonderful movement: first of all the goblins, and then a trio of elephants dancing"; and Tibby implored the company generally to look out for the transitional passage on the drum.

"On the what, dear?"

"On the drum, Aunt Juley."

"No; look out for the part where you think you have done with the goblins and they come back," breathed Helen, as the music started with a goblin walking quietly over the universe, from end to end. Others followed him. They were not aggressive creatures; it was that that made them so terrible to Helen. They merely observed in passing that there was no such thing as splendour or heroism in the world. After the interlude of elephants dancing, they returned and made the observation for the second time. Helen could not contradict them, for, once at all events, she had felt the same, and had seen the reliable walls of youth collapse. Panic and emptiness! Panic and emptiness! The goblins were right. Her brother raised his finger; it was the transitional passage on the drum.

For, as if things were going too far, Beethoven took hold of the goblins and made them do what he wanted. He appeared in person. He gave them a little push, and they began to walk in a major key instead of in a minor, and then--he blew with his mouth and they were scattered! Gusts of splendour, gods and demigods contending with vast swords, colour and fragrance broadcast on the field of battle, magnificent victory, magnificent death! Oh, it all burst before the girl, and she even stretched out her gloved hands as if it was tangible. Any fate was titanic; any contest desirable; conqueror and conquered would alike be applauded by the angels of the utmost stars.

And the goblins--they had not really been there at all? They were only the phantoms of cowardice and unbelief? One healthy human impulse would dispel them? Men like the Wilcoxes, or ex-President Roosevelt, would say yes. Beethoven knew better. The goblins really had been there. They might return--and they did. It was as if the splendour of life might boil over and waste to steam and froth. In its dissolution one heard the terrible, ominous note, and a goblin, with increased malignity, walked quietly over the universe from end to end. Panic and emptiness! Panic and emptiness! Even the flaming ramparts of the world might fall. Beethoven chose to make all right in the end. He built the ramparts up. He blew with his mouth for the second time, and again the goblins were scattered. He brought back the gusts of splendour, the heroism, the youth, the magnificence of life and of death, and, amid vast roarings of a superhuman joy, he led his Fifth Symphony to its conclusion. But the goblins were there. They could return. He had said so bravely, and that is why one can trust Beethoven when he says other things.

Great stuff, Mike, thank you.

Did the neighbors give you a round of applause when you finished your conducting work? They should have if for no other reason than free entertainment.

A bigger navy, Everybody wants a bigger navy! Once you get it...for what purpose will it be used?

Lawyers who engage in proper lawyering are a necessity. When politics takes over the lawyer biz and weaponizes it, then that is law as war- lawfare. That is the weapon of the Left at the moment. It is also the damage done to the courts by an anti Constitution character like B. Obama. In 8 years he set loose a great deal of infection within the Federal court system. The recent 9th "Circus" Court ruling is part of it in that the substance was tiny but the mischief great.

Whiters, my eccentricities are of such an order nowadays that as I pass mothers clutch their wee bairns to them!

Well, old 'Kaiser Bill' was right in one respect, even if I doubt whether he himself fully understood the strategic implications, that in those days control of the seas was critical - as your own Adm. Mahan was shrewd enough to point out. That is why I consistently rate the battle of Jutland as the supreme battle of WWI. And, no, we didn't win it but more important, we didn't lose it! (There speaks an ex-Corporal!)

David, Beethoven No. 5 is one of the most famous pieces in the classical repertoire for good reason. What do you think of the 4th movement of No. 9 (Ode to Joy)?

SoD has already covered the little rants against lawyers and law. The one against science once again displays a complete lack of understanding and willingness to be propagandized. You really would prefer to live in a magical kingdom with a monarch that shares all your preconceptions, wouldn't you?

Fanatics. There are two kinds: leftists who live to destroy without any care for consequences. Or, conservatives who stand in their way because they are fully aware of the consequences, but don't know how to explain them. The first is emotion and the second is reason. Thus no common ground.

Ah the Paris Climate Conference or aka, the grifters ball. A junk conference over a junk issue by charlatans of wealth redistribution. Today, science is downstream from politics. Deflating the global warming, global cooling, climate change, climate denial industry will take much calculation since it has become part of the "cool people" culture.

David, I would not kiss that woman with your lips!

For (David, your's primarily [later even]) entertainment purposes, re: "Anthropogenic Global Warming."

Consider those my early Christmas gift!

The sum total of right wing philosophy, better known as "the bubble":

I'm right. I'm right because I say I'm right. The more often I say I'm right the righter I am. If I only pay attention to people that agree with me that makes me righter yet. If I call people that don't agree with me names that makes me rightest of all.

As your new god would tweet: Sad!


Well the inconvenient truth is ... "Truth" having a sort of religious twinge to it? ... that's how all this shit got its start was it not?

"Global Warming" in other words?

Bob, are you seriously suggesting that all of that, er, 'hot air' emanating from the 'Greenie' lobby for the past 40 years is *NOT* propaganda?

As for the 'Ode to Joy', yes, magnificent and all that but it doesn't quite press my buttons the way the Fifth does. Of course, the fact that it has become the anthem for that other, er, magnificent construction, the EU, probably affects my judgment!

Thank you, JK, you are the commenter who never stops giving!

And comes now from the previous Administration's era

The sum total of left wing philosophy, better known as "bullshit":

I'm left. I'm left because I say I'm left. The more often I say I'm left the lefter I am. If I only pay attention to people that agree with me that makes me lefter yet. If I call people that don't agree with me names that makes me leftest of all.

As your old god would sneer: Deplorable!

Henry, and if deplorable fails, call them fascists--(then hand the leftist a mirror)-- because calling them Hitler comes last.

Hmnnn! I worry about America!

David, "Well, America, this should wipe the smile off your face".
Believe it.

I'll just be adding another turd into the "Muslim Ban Punchbowl" too here if y'all don't mind.

Sudan was on the EO list as all y'all recall? And all the MSM maps of the banned peoples I've yet seen (and I'm pretty sure I've seen 'em all)

Anyway ... and I know most don't keep up with the sorts of things I do but, that's not my problem.

Sudan - post Team Obama including it on the list (May 2013) has since split and, a good case can be made that, not only were [some] Muslims subject to further vetting but some Christians too!

(That's the problem with countries in Africa ... the best laid lines of cartographers and men ... apologies to that Shakespeare feller!)

Whiters, I hoped I was reading it wrong but, perhaps not.

Not that it matters, JK, but I think it was 'ur wee Rabbie' Burns you were referring to. I mention it just in case 'ur wee Jimmie Glesga' gets upset!


The leader of your enemy is sometimes your friend:

It is quite possible that if the Kaiser had kept the navy at Baltic Sea dominance and North Sea cost defense, the British government may not have seen a need to make joint defense talks with France or commit forces in 1914.

Deutschland, Deutschland ünter allies.

It is prbally fortunate that no Germas heard our drunken rendition of their nqtional song when I was stationed there.

Everybody wants a bigger navy!

Especially sailors Whitewall. Command of one of those big beautiful grey killing machines is the pinnacle of an Officer's career no matter how high up the ladder he subsequently goes. The larger the navy the more chances of multiple commands over a career span.

What do you do with it? For an island nation you make sure no bugger interferes with your trade and sovereignty.

Duffers the argument over who won the battle of Jutland has been raging since it was fought. If you measure it by ships sunk then the Germans came out on top [11 lost] with the RN losing fourteen. If you measure it by who held command of the sea after it then the RN did for the Germans never mounted another serious challenge at sea.

David, glad you got the drift, and I must compliment you for taking the little joke so well. My favorite is No. 7, particularly the Allegretto. Yes, various green organizations have exaggerated and carried on like idiots. They are also not scientists. Also, an awful lot of Brits disagree with you about cocaine:

"Britain does so much cocaine it’s now in the drinking water":

JK, look old son, you think something called waspsnest is a better source than the National Academy of Sciences or Royal Academy? Please. And I won't bother with the travel ban. You were wrong. Get over it.

TheBigHenry, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You make me blush, sir.


"JK, look old son, you think something called waspsnest is a better source than the National Academy of Sciences or Royal Academy?"

Imitation Bob is the "sincerest"


It's no use JK. He can't tell the difference between imitation and mockery, sincerity and irony, nor blushing and flushing.

It doesn't matter if you were being ironic or not. You still imitated me. Do you imagine I should have found that devastating? Bratty teenagers do that type of mocking all the time.

The reaction to evolution makes my point. Through the scientific method it's been determined to be a valid theory (set of consistent facts). New evidence has been added constantly with advances in technology such as DNA analysis. There are still people who deny evolution, and they are factually wrong.

Apropos bratty teenagers, your mamma wears combat boots.

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