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Sunday, 19 February 2017


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Chelsea's time has come to go away. With any luck, she can visit her mother "Broomstick" when she is in a prison cell. A plague on their house!

Donald, omit the press? Hell no! There are many years worth of revenge to be taken on that duplicitous mob. They've earned it and they are going to get it. It is the "free press" that is specifically mentioned in the First Amendment as a vital check on government. No other outside group but the press is mentioned in the Bill of Rights. In the last few years, the "free press" has thrown in with government on the side of force and has adopted an entire political and social ideology that is contrary to our Founders intent. An enemy of the political and social Left is also an enemy of the "free press". They have chosen a side.

They said that about Trump, Romney, McCain '08, GW Bush twice, HW Bush, Reagan...well you get the picture. Each man was called "Hitler". Everyone "not them" is Hitler. The media have chosen a side and demand their old days credibility back today. For get it.

The modern MSM are a product of a rotten secular culture they have had a large hand in creating, spreading and enforcing. Almost comically, the tv personality part of Trump is a part of the very same pop culture mess. He is a reflection of politics as religion and entertainment. We the "deplorables" have chosen one of their own to use against them.

There seems to be confusion here about what constitutes news. Actual news is not found in opinion magazines, the opinion section of newspapers or on political entertainment shows either on the left or right.

All presidents are antagonistic toward the media. The difference in Trump's case is qualitative. His eccentric relationship with truth makes him resemble Nixon (minus the knowledge of politics, government, current events and policy) and will likely have similar results. Probably his biggest real problems right now are the seven investigations into his and his campaign's Russia ties. Flynn lying to the FBI is just the tip of the iceberg.

NATO. All that staff in the HQ in Brussels is there to keep the 'O' in NATO.

About the traitor, Ted Heath, Plod being only 120% sure is a long way from being a 1000% sure and even further than a million% sure or even further than a trillion% sure so not very sure then.

"Traitor". A tad harsh, Peter, the man had 'a good war'!

Bob, in your pristine world there may exist a newspaper that strictly divides 'facts' from 'opinion' but I have yet to read one. Actually, I like a good mix because then I can discern just how good an opinion it is.

David, you wouldn't believe how unlike pristine my world is. I no longer read opinion other than here. Don't you feel special? We agree all newspapers or other "straight" sources can have a bias or simply get the story wrong. That's why a single source is never to be believed absolutely. Even when a story is agreed to in multiple sources, healthy skepticism is a must.

A question for the triggered little snowflake(s) that want the D&N comment section to be a "safe space" for Trump worship: Why are you any different than those dopey kids on college campuses that want a PC safe space?


"the triggered little snowflake(s) that want the D&N comment section to be a "safe space" for Trump worship"

You got it all wrong fella - at least far as 'ol JK is concerned - having D&N be like/similar (pick your descriptor) be anything like the actual safe spaces 'over here' would mean everybody and everyplace would be filled with people just like you ... degenerates.

So ... fire away.

JK, that is name-calling at the most brilliant level. No kidding.

Apparently Bob,

You're unfamiliar with Angela's name-calling?

(Speakers On Bob ... I don't know y'all guys 'over there' will be able to receive this)

Now, now, JK, this particular Limey snowflake will melt away if you call my distinguished commenters 'degenerates'! Behave, or you'll get a hundred lines!

Yossarian lives David, Yossarian lives.


I don't follow German politics closely, but since 2001 the US hasn't allowed MENA immigrants in without thorough vetting. Trump is trying to conflate Mexicans crossing the southern border, which has been largely open as long as the US has existed, with terrorists.

The podcast piece is essentially correct, though a lot of loaded language is used. Merkel allowed in about 300,000 refugees somewhat haphazardly. She knows she can get slapped by the backlash against globalization just like Cameron and Clinton and is predictably adjusting her rhetoric. Imagine - a politician playing politics.



Don't worry about me, thank you. Your other commenters can call me all the names their little hearts desire, but I'd appreciate it if they'd be more imaginative about it.

The Chinese may have it right when it comes to a wall. They have had one for many centuries and there are no Mexicans in China. Yet.

I'd suggest David (to the above imaginative)


(& to the many ways David you, might object I'd, simply remind you JK is far and away superior in memory to, who precisely has injected more instances of the first syllable than your Usually Accused [SoD] has even approximated. ... & SoD does your Windows for you you David might be well advised to bear in mind.)

For you David first:


And as for you Bob;

Minnesota Keith you know Bob, is set to soon be heading the DNC?


Mother Irony of all ironies, Our NATO ally?

(Wonder how it is Trump's developed a newfound appreciation for the alliance? & Merkel too perhaps?)

G'day Whitewall

The Great Wall of China was built to keep the rabbits out.

As absolute proof I offer


Apropos your "distinguished commenters", the one who insinuates that the others want him extinguished here is largely distinguished by his disingenuousness.

What he really resents is being ignored, not, as he falsely claims, being called unimaginative names, such as "snowflake", which by now has become rather trite. He knows that he is rightly taken to be a troll trash-talking provocateur. He just wants to be promoted to the rank of minority opinion server.

In my opinion, and in a forum such as this it's virtually all opinions, both minority and majority opinions cease to be opinions when they devolve into trash-talking, especially when it's gratuitous.

Apropos news, both fake and otherwise:

JK, who'd a thunk it!? "Fences (walls) do make good neighbors". Israel has a pretty good one too. America is late to the game.

AussieD, good lord, I had no idea! By the way, what is the deal with a new continent underwater somewhere near you?

It's not new Whitewall. Its called Antarctica and it has been under frozen water for millenia.

Actually you are probably referring to "Zealandia".

Try this reference

Not sure when tourism starts though and at least there won't be a need to clear out the current "traditional owners".

JK, fuckwit? Meh. Pointless and pedestrian. There are still 10 contestants for DNC head, so no, I don't know Ellison is going to get the job.



"Snowflake" had a purpose: Many on the right throw the word around to disparage PC. I happen to agree with them to a point, but am amused many of the same people think Trump should never be criticized and claim said criticism is "trash talk".

@ Trash-talking Bob:

"..., but am amused many of the same people think Trump should never be criticized and claim said criticism is 'trash talk'."
That is just one example of your trash talk. Here's why:

  • You are not "amused"; you are sarcastic.

  • Since I am the only one here who used the expression "trash talk" (as a euphemism for "trolling"), your "many of the same people" is a sarcastic reference to me.

  • I never said, nor do I think that "Trump should never be criticized". That is a trash-talking insinuation.

  • I never claimed, nor do I think that "criticism is 'trash talk'". That is an outright lie and definitely qualifies as trash talk.


• I'm amused. How could you know differently?

• It's not all about you.

• See above.

• See above.

Gods, what a martyr.

Gentlemen, may I hold your coats?

@ Trash-talking Bob,


Henry, you are beginning to test my patience! I had no idea what ESADIAF meant but now I do and I must ask you to, er, 'cease and desist', as the lawyers might put it. By all means go for the argument but don't go for the man, apart from anything else it's boring as well as boorish!

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